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  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 7, 2008

    Break Gallery #200!!! We are reaching a bit of a milestone here peoples, with the 200th gallery (SFW) on break. You keep checking them out, we will make with the weirdos and funny.

  • Posted by doortech13  / Jun. 9, 2008

    Can someone explain what I am missing here. Last time I checked getting hit by a shotgun wasn't really that funny but this guy seems to laugh off the fact he is out of legs.

  • Posted by GeneInVT  / Jun. 9, 2008

    This weekend the world record for jumping a truck was set in Plattsburgh, NY when Chris Morena jumped a Dodge Pickup over two tractor trailers end to end... and then some! Total flight was 193 feet.

  • Posted by Spackle1234  / Jun. 9, 2008

    This dude hits his head against the mat so hard that it completely disorients him and he is unable to stand on his own.

  • Posted by xleox  / Jun. 10, 2008

    I debated posting this one since the quality of this camera absolutely sucked but the stupidity of this kid was overwhelming. He lets his buddy slam into him with a car for five bucks. Another Darwin award candidate in the making.

  • Posted by deathandnight  / Jun. 10, 2008

    In retropsect I haven't always made the best decisions when I have had too much to drink but fortunately I've never been drunk enough to do this.

  • Posted by black96gtvert  / Jun. 10, 2008

    Up until a week ago I had never heard of contact juggling, but I gotta say it's pretty sweet and might be my new favorite sport.

  • Posted by christophurious  / Jun. 10, 2008

    After his girlfriend left him this guy is slowly training his new dog to replace her. First things first fetching beer.

  • Posted by themanofthem  / Jun. 11, 2008

    This kid was inspired by a video we posted yesterday and thought he too would let a friend slam into him with a car. Seriously guys WTF?!

  • Posted by magicroots  / Jun. 11, 2008

    I would have to say this is the best wedding dance video I have seen. It's a mix between the famous Evolution of Dance and The Best Wedding Dance Ever clips. In the pantheon of wedding dances, this one even ranks above the first dances of kings and queens. They truly are dancehall royalty. Do you think they'll look back on this silly dance with their children and say, "See, honey? Your mom and dad were viral video stars for their wedding video! Well, a viral video was one that everyone would pass along to their friends on the internet, usually by posting it on their Facebook walls. Yeah, back in those days, Facebook didn't control all of your actions and thoughts on the web...crazy, right? Still, best wedding dance ever. Now go read your Zuckerberg scripture."

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 11, 2008

    Break Gallery #201!!! Time to get a little crazy here people with the most funtastic pics around. Weirdos, pervy kids, and the usual madness. Enjoy!

  • Posted by jontruei  / Jun. 12, 2008

    Some guy in a Gorilla suit is demonstrating his agility and grace, it does not go well.