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  • Posted by viking134  / Mar. 17, 2008

    The robocalypse is upon us as shown in this cute dog video. The first step to losing our dominance on this planet is intelligent machines like this one. This adorable puppy has no idea it’s new playmate is the central hub for a primitive skynet. That this robotic master will be able to do more than simply throw a ball. Soon it will be able to crush the precious pooch’s skull under it’s steel foot. This is future! Hide your cute dogs and children as soon as you can!

  • Posted by balloonx  / Mar. 17, 2008

    This is a great erotic video prank. This guy convinces chicks to let him draw them and ends up painting more than just their erotica head. In fact, this artist just seems to have a talent for revealing parts of his subjects that you would never normally see, if you get my drift. He's top in his erotic drawing class, you see. Alright, listen, just watch the video and you'll see what I mean, I don't like talking in this sort of elusive tone and coming up with lame euphemisms. Just, stop reading this! You're missing all of the topless chicks in the video! Ah man, I ruined the surprise. Well, at least you still get to see some hot chicks laugh about being topless. There, I said it. Erotic fun ahead.

  • Posted by DanMar713  / Mar. 17, 2008

    This guy is testing out a new protection vest issued to Marines that is suppose to absorb hits. He tells someone to kick him as hard as they can but the dude misses the vest and whacks his buddy in the head.

  • Posted by chris841002  / Mar. 17, 2008

    It's been a long time since we posted a decent fight. These two girls go at it before a concert and among the fans rooting them on is a police officer.

  • Posted by OtherFunnyStuff  / Mar. 17, 2008

    I thought this was a pretty funny video but it does kinda suck that so much of the friggin thing is true.

  • Posted by MadisonHotels  / Mar. 17, 2008

    Some company called Boston Dynamics has invented an extremely lifelike robotic dog. Not sure what this will be used for but it's awesome.

  • Posted by DJTrumped  / Mar. 17, 2008

    You would think pole dancing is the one thing a blonde wouldn't be able to mess up. Wrong. Two pole dance mishaps in one day, I guess it's the luck of the Irish! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  • Posted by intoksicated4  / Mar. 18, 2008

    This guy dresses up as Elvis and poses as a figurine in a wax museum. When chicks walk by he scares the hell out of them. Funny video but I could of done without the g-string stripping part.

  • Posted by freak3000  / Mar. 18, 2008

    A couple guys film their neighbors dog playing in the backyard by itself pushing a ball on top of its head and then balancing it for 20 seconds.

  • Posted by arnaz1  / Mar. 18, 2008

    Ever wonder what happens when you press that red emergency fire button at a gas station? This dumb woman pushes it accidentally and reveals the mystery.

  • Posted by kkernoh  / Mar. 19, 2008

    Rob Davison on the New York Islanders scores a world record nearly 200 foot goal last night against Vesa Toskala. If this were Brazil that goalie would probably want to think about moving.

  • Posted by rainman999  / Mar. 19, 2008

    GQ deserves a Nobel Prize for giving us these images of Adriana Lima. Thanksgiving should be renamed Adriana Lima appreciation day in Brazil. If they have Thanksgiving. And if they don't then they should pick a date, hold a party, and display images of her stunning face all across the country. The gorgeous Brazilian beauty has never looked hotter than she does in this video. With her seductive curves, and radiant eyes its no wonder that we can't take our eyes off of her.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 19, 2008

    Break Gallery 181!!! Time again for a batch of the most coolest photos that are out there today. So click away all you nutjobs and dont forget to digg it!

  • Posted by nymrx  / Mar. 20, 2008

    High winds in Northern Mexico knocked over a large highway sign just as a bus was passing on the highway. Six people suffered minor injuries.

  • Posted by PBR_Beer  / Mar. 20, 2008

    A bunch of guys slowly cruise by the shoreline to show off their fast boat and hot women. After a couple minutes of partying water comes over the top and sinks their boat. I'm having a hard time feeling bad for them.

  • Posted by crackers09  / Mar. 20, 2008

    A snowboarder comes flying down a hill and hits a jump just hard enough to clear a Groomer coming up the other side of the hill.

  • Posted by Morehart  / Mar. 20, 2008

    A bunch of people get in a huge bar fight outside and just before it ends a cop drives up to the scene. Be sure to keep an eye on the girl in red.

  • Posted by Brosearch  / Mar. 21, 2008

    Last week we posted a video for Bro Search and I think a lot of people were probably thinking the same thing. This video helps put an end to that.

  • Posted by aasimov  / Mar. 21, 2008

    I had no clue what an Ice Bulb was but this actually turned out to be pretty cool. This guy walks you through the steps in how to create one.