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  • Posted by breakkicksass  / Feb. 28, 2008

    In the never ending quest to out weird the rest of the planet, a group of Japanese celebrity impersonators recreate We Are The World exactly.

  • Posted by ssproair  / Feb. 28, 2008

    I feel so bad for this poor kid that if I find out who it is I'll personally send him a new xBox 360. His parents borrowed a neighbors old xBox 360 box and gave it to their kid for Christmas with a couple shirts inside. I would say that this qualifies for one of the top pranks for Christmas.

  • Posted by twindragon  / Feb. 29, 2008

    If you get sick of listening to crappy songs for kids then you'll love Kidz Rock, nursery rhymes sung by a wide variety of popular artists and rock stars.

  • Posted by meFightingDemocrats  / Mar. 1, 2008

    These guys bring together 2 iPhones and a Nintendo DS and form the worlds first iBand.

  • Posted by supertriplegoose  / Mar. 2, 2008

    These guys make a big ring out of mousse and light it on fire. I figured it would burn but that rotating ring of fire was pretty friggin cool.

  • Posted by KuRdiSH  / Mar. 2, 2008

    This punk gets dropped on his head after getting his butt kicked in a fight he started. Got to give credit to the winner who was the only one who actually seemed to care if the kid was ok.

  • Posted by tommern_89  / Mar. 3, 2008

    A German commercial plane attempts a landing in very high winds and actually clips the ground with its wing before aborting what could of been a disastrous landing.

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Mar. 3, 2008

    This urinal had to be expressly designed to scare the piss out of you. How the hell was was this creepy clown urinal ever designed, approved, built then actually shipped to a public bathroom for installation? It's hard to make generalizations, but I have to guess that this pissing station had to exist somewhere in Japan. Just a wild guess.

  • Posted by GovEliotSpitzer  / Mar. 3, 2008

    A snake detaches its jaw and devours a giant egg. Wouldn't it have been easier to try and crack the egg first?

  • Posted by Nadia8684  / Mar. 4, 2008

    Some dumb woman cant reach the ticket receiver at a parking garage so instead of stopping the car in park and getting out, she does this...

  • Posted by Randy08  / Mar. 4, 2008

    Some old lady is crossing a street when just a few feet in front of her two cars wipe out. As she leisurely continues her walk another car has a second near miss.

  • Posted by pcusa  / Mar. 5, 2008

    I thought this video was hilarious. Its a bunch of guys at a bachelor party with a stripper with some pretty unique skills. Thats my card, thats my card!