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  • Posted by Rottenrooster  / Nov. 30, 2007

    This news anchor cant hold it together when reporting a story about woman who is not happy about her recent butt implants. And after seeing what they look like, I would be pissed too. Each butt cheek looks like a saggy beanbag that's been sitting in the dingy living room of a frat, one too many drunken falls destroying whatever tensile support it had left. Seriously, she went from having a gluteus maximus to a gluteus flabbius. If there's a reversal surgery for this kind of butt-related problem, it needs to be called either the Kardashian or the J-Lo. No doubt about that.

  • Posted by jeff3230  / Nov. 30, 2007

    A girl with a very big gun busts two common myths that we see in a lot of movies and tv shows. This is not the kind of girl you want to cheat on or piss off in any way. Indulge you inner science geek with the 5 best "Mythbusters" episodes on Made Manual. Even if you were never into science when you were in school, you can't help but get sucked into the "science is cool" vibe the is created by "Mythbusters."

  • Posted by JacquelineLeigh  / Nov. 30, 2007

    What kind of messed up kid would make their Grandma watch 2 Girls 1 Cup. Funny reaction though, lasted longer than I did when I watched 2 girls one cup.

  • Posted by arnaz1  / Nov. 30, 2007

    Another great wedding first dance this time from an asian couple that really knows how to pop and lock. Some network right now is pitching the reality show So You Think You Can Dance at Your Wedding.