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  • Posted by FredMaxwell  / Nov. 15, 2007

    At first I was like this is so fake but I talked to a doctor friend of mine and sure enough in very rare cases of leprosy you can get growths on your skin that look like tree roots and bark. Might be the grossest thing Ive ever seen.

  • Posted by HotCrush  / Nov. 15, 2007

    Who hasnt wanted to use TNT to blow up a stuffed pooh doll, a turkey and a bucket of jello?

  • Posted by JHeath5150  / Nov. 15, 2007

    Give a man a chipmunk and you have fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish for chipmunks and you have fed him for a lifetime.

  • Posted by NaoEstaFacil  / Nov. 15, 2007

    Some chick tries to pick up a girls boyfriend while he is sitting with her eating lunch. When she finally succeeds and the girlfriend storms off she ditches the dude.

  • Posted by Simba66  / Nov. 15, 2007

    It sounds like this trick can only be done with a 12V Duracell security battery. However, it does seem to pop out 8 batteries that cost four bucks a piece on their own.

  • Posted by PottenJack  / Nov. 16, 2007

    Some kid sneaks up behind a cow and before he knows it the cow stands up and kicks him hard in the face dropping him for the count. He got COWNED!

  • Posted by euroh  / Nov. 16, 2007

    This has to be a one in a million shot, some guy juggles a couple of metal skewers and accidentally spears a pigeon as it flies by. Randy Johnson you are not alone anymore.

  • Posted by jus10leftwich  / Nov. 16, 2007

    On a dare this kid sticks his face directly into a fire ant hole and tries to hold it there for 10 seconds. Check out the bites they leave, nasty.

  • Posted by helloexactly  / Nov. 16, 2007

    These guys keep changing their friends ringtone to a woman orgasming then call him in socially awkward situations. Dude put it on vibrate!

  • Posted by twindragon  / Nov. 16, 2007

    Drunk girls are unpredictable and can definitely surprise you. Some are great surprises and are not so much. Drunk girls will usually making out with other drunk girls (I love it when drunk girls do that!), take their tops off, or do something stupid; but this drunk girl decided to eat some maggots off the floor! I can understand this drunk girl having the munchies, but I didn’t expect to see something out of man vs. wild.

  • Posted by Manbearpig49  / Nov. 16, 2007

    This is footage sent in from one of our members of his base coming under attack. Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the attack (at least nobody that was shooting rockets).

  • Posted by Bored88  / Nov. 16, 2007

    This guy calls Verizon 56 times and asks two questions regarding how much they charge in overage fees for data rates. Amazing how many representatives answer these questions incorrectly.

  • Posted by BeerRock  / Nov. 17, 2007

    Pissed off dude getting mad because he was searching for American hot chicks in pageants… but the pagent was from the 1980s. This dude would have been less mad if she was wearing a bikini, but unfortunately she was not. LMFAO, It’s pretty hilarious watching this guy go off because he can’t get off. Watch him cuss out the screen and get super annoyed because he can’t exit the screen or stop the video. This guy starts to smash his computer and scream “I enjoy watching you humiliate America!”

  • Posted by secret222  / Nov. 17, 2007

    This video actually made laugh out loud, have you ever wondered how exactly you should prepare for an Afghan wedding? The same instructions applies for all persian occasions

  • Posted by Freddo69  / Nov. 17, 2007

    Some dude picks up a large construction barricade during an alley fight and tosses it at some people. He ends up knocking some chick out cold and then runs for his life.

  • Posted by gajasboas  / Nov. 18, 2007

    A smoking hot brunette uses her mouth to attack a blonde in this video. The woman attempts to eat off the fair haired woman's face. The brunette beauty seems to be very ineffective at this though, and the blond babe has no option left but to counter attack with her mouth. That's the only logical way to explain why these ladies are mouth to mouth for most of the clip. That or they are making out. I need to go be alone with this brunette and blonde video.

  • Posted by Xfreak  / Nov. 18, 2007

    This is pretty impressive two guys run up the side of a tree and do simultaneous backflips with the top guy flipping over his buddy.

  • Posted by asd606  / Nov. 18, 2007

    These guys have smokin hot women in bikinis stand in front of a moving wall that forces them into various positions in order to pass through.

  • Posted by wx8sky  / Nov. 19, 2007

    I get that its against the law to speed however, not sure how a cop can justify pulling out and intentionally clipping a biker because he is breaking the limit.

  • Posted by JHeath5150  / Nov. 19, 2007

    This was a surprise, I didn’t expect the skinny dude to last this long in a fight. This little dude gets in a fight with a gang member over some girl. I thought the little fella was going to get pounded until he landed some pretty decent punches and actually won the fight.

  • Posted by whataride  / Nov. 19, 2007

    This blonde dummy is born to be a star. Just watch as she performs a mic check. OK so shes dumb, blonde and talentless, shes gonna be a huge star!

  • Posted by polpoker  / Nov. 19, 2007

    Probably one of the funnier streaking videos Ive seen in a long time at a recent LA Galaxy game. I guess our security for streakers isnt as good in the US.

  • Posted by rbnv  / Nov. 19, 2007

    Who would have imagined that jumping off the roof of a building on skis with a parachute could turn out to be a bad idea? Watch the third jumpers graceful landing.

  • Posted by ars1n1st  / Nov. 20, 2007

    Chuck Norris has a special message about Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. If he really wants to win, he would made Chuck his Vice President or at least Secretary of Defense. Ron Paul would.