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  • Posted by pinchandtwist  / Nov. 1, 2007

    This guy thinks he is the second coming of the crocodile hunter and pulls a 5 foot shark out of the water. I think he may be more like Crocodile Dundee.

  • Posted by Nadia8684  / Nov. 1, 2007

    This giggling baby has the best laugh ever. Almost makes up entirely for all the late nights and dirty diapers.

  • Posted by G4TV  / Nov. 1, 2007

    Historian Ben Burrns brings us through this history of LOLCats. Did you know that 26% of all emails contain a LOLcat photo?

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Nov. 1, 2007

    This dog is trying to play dead but he has one dead giveaway. Can you figure out what it is?

    More related content from MadeMan: How to Teach a Dog to Play Dead - "If you’re interested in dog tricks, learning how to teach a dog to play dead is an easy one to start with. Your dog won’t have to learn a completely new behavior."

  • Posted by Jonlajoie  / Nov. 1, 2007

    Jon Lajoie sings his tribute to the 2 Girls 1 Cup video that has been sweeping the internet and changing lives forever. If you dont know the video hes singing about consider yourself lucky. But c'mon, who hasn't heard of it!?

  • Posted by buckwebber  / Nov. 1, 2007

    If attacked by a gang of sword wielding ninjas would the worlds fastest speed walker walk or run away? The Japanese, having solved all the worlds other problems, are there to find out.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 1, 2007

    Break Gallery 161!!! We missed you last night but we are back with a bite. Check out this awesome array of some of the oddest characters, dumbest drivers, and hotties. Make sure to stay til the end!

  • Posted by 16Leland  / Nov. 1, 2007

    This dude decides he is ready to take his extreme biking skills to the next level. Well thank god for full face helmets and emergency rooms.

  • Posted by Flopps  / Nov. 2, 2007

    Watch what happens when someone with too much free time gets bored at work.

  • Posted by zeppo  / Nov. 3, 2007

    A terrible accident is caught while trying to make a juggling bowling balls video. An idiot decides to toss around heavy plaster orbs in a public place without regard for the fact that there are children near by. On of the rock hard spheres slips loose his grasp and collides with a child who happens to be bowling next to the idiot. Hopefully this guy will be juggling a different kind of balls in his next video. I mean man balls. In prison.

  • Posted by Koz1769  / Nov. 3, 2007

    One time someone bet me a quarter to eat a packet of peppers from Pizza Hut. Yeah, I cried like a baby, but I don't know what the smoking girl in this video is complaining about. I'd eat a spoonful of cinnamon for fifty cents and not bat an eyelash. What is more fascinating about this video is the friend that comes to the "rescue" of the smoking girl and removes her shirt. I mean, I'm so glad she did, but what's going on there? It's like, oh! You are choking on cinnamon?? Here, let me remove your top and expose your hot boobs so that you may breathe a little easier. After all, what are friends for?

  • Posted by Dsudds7  / Nov. 4, 2007

    Having never played Half Life admittedly I dont get what this video is all about but so many people have demanded it get posted. So here it is Half Life in 60 seconds.

  • Posted by RoscoPicoTrain  / Nov. 5, 2007

    As a couple of London city workers try to clean a crazy guy keeps throwing bird seed every where which attracts hundreds of birds. This would be frustrating.

  • Posted by millar187  / Nov. 5, 2007

    Drunk German student runs up and over the roof of a car and. The stunt results in a trip to the local ER.

  • Posted by RecordBreakers  / Nov. 5, 2007

    How many raw eggs can you catch in your mouth after theyve been dropped from a ladder? Have you seen how hot the referee is in these clips? Holy Taco!