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  • Posted by cantbeatpete  / May. 27, 2007

    This is one of those videos where the title alone is sufficient enough in preface of this clip.

  • Posted by slucide  / May. 28, 2007

    Speeding as fast as you can on a down hill slope which has a huge ditch at the end of it may not have been the best idea after all.

  • Posted by OxideFilms  / May. 28, 2007

    This guy has made a really cool movie in reverse. I like how he gets his dog involved in the act.

  • Posted by hansaplast  / May. 28, 2007

    Keep a close eye on the girl on the far left of the bottom canoe. She lets go of the starting rope but it gets wrapped around her waist which ends up pulling her out of the canoe moments after the race starts.

  • Posted by burker7  / May. 28, 2007

    No matter how bad my day is there is something about watching a faceplant that makes me feel a little bit better. This kids front wheel completely misses the table slingshotting him straight into the ground.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 29, 2007

    Tonight on NBCs Miss Universe pageant Miss USA Rachel Smith fell flat on her butt during the evening gown competition. Probably not the best way to impress the judges.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 29, 2007

    Pretty funny song this dude wrote begging for Paris Hilton to please go away. He even started an online petition. I wonder how many signatures it takes make someone go away.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 29, 2007

    This guy catches his buddy passed out in a hammock. He grabs a huge brick of firecrackers and wakes him up.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 29, 2007

    Well, this is definetly a good way to make sure you spend the rest of the weekend in jail. A kid drives by a group of cops, hangs outside the car door window and flips them off.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 29, 2007

    Hilarious scene from the upcoming HBO comedy Flight of the Conchords where a guy sings about a party where he meets the prettiest girl in the whole…room. So funny, I was cracking up at the part about being a part time model.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 29, 2007

    Apparently, when patrol cars are in route in Iraq cars are suppose to pull to the right of the road to let the vehicles through. This dude decided to pull over to the left and gets his car leveled.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 29, 2007

    A collection of head-over-heels video clips from the 2007 Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake from Every year daring competitors throw themselves down an almost vertical hill in Gloucester, UK, chasing an 8lb Double Gloucester Cheese log.

  • Posted by SkysNet  / May. 29, 2007

    Nancy Grace gets pranked by her own producer Elizabeth during a segment about Paris Hilton. Elizabeth in the control room, you are my new personal hero.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 30, 2007

    A couple kids bust into a convenient store a grab 2 cases of beer and attempt to walk right out the door. The owner tells them to stop and when they refuse he pulls out an AK47.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 30, 2007

    Grabbing breast videos gone bad! This guy tries to surprise his fiance at work and grab her breast while she is at her desk. She was so startled she ended up slamming her chair back which broke her boyfriends nose.

  • Posted by aoneproductions  / May. 30, 2007

    This guy was sick of his grandma waking him up at the butt crack of dawn when she went to take her medication. So one early afternoon he waited for her to go to sleep and left her a little surprise, a buttered linoleum floor. Too bad she doesnt have Life Alert.

  • Posted by shyboi  / May. 30, 2007

    A game show host is very distracted by a contestants humongous chest. I dont know about you but I could watch an entire game show that just showed Elizea standing.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 30, 2007

    Break Gallery #139! Strap on your safety belts because we have another batch of high quality awesomeness inside. Everything from weird tattoos to weirdos with tattoos. Enjoy!

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 31, 2007

    Pete and Red show you what to do when the ladies get a little handsy around the office.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 31, 2007

    A couple guys get swung around by the vomitator. This thing slings riders in full circles creating forces over 4-Gs. About half way through they start screaming for it to stop and when it finally does the ride earns its name.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 31, 2007

    Remember that buggy we posted that attempted to climb a very steep hill and when we he got to the top he started to flip over but the driver saved it and drove back down the hill. Same video but this guy doesnt save it and tumbles end over end.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 31, 2007

    A crazy lady rams a cop car and then pulls out a knife. A cop blind sides her with a hard tackle and the knife punctures her stomach. She is ok and definetly deserved it but I love how vague the cop is in the end when he radios in.

  • Posted by SB22  / May. 31, 2007

    Almost 2 years ago we posted a video of this guy scaring his buddy by jumping out of the fridge. This time the victim is his girlfriend. Bad news is shell never get you a beer again, good news you now have $400 to buy more beer with!

  • Posted by Lucasje0  / May. 31, 2007

    During a Ferrari rally in a small European city some rich moron tries to show off to all the small town villagers. The only thing he shows though is how big of a douche he is.