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  • Posted by roaf  / May. 1, 2007

    Its amazing after watching this video that either of these two guys are alive. The weave in and out of traffic at high speeds through many incredibly tight turns.

  • Posted by BurnyMac  / May. 1, 2007

    After a weekend college camping class these guys were on their way when their buddy fell asleep in the passenger seat. They pulled the classic slam on the brakes and scream prank on him and he was wide awake the rest of the trip.

  • Posted by SakeGMK  / May. 1, 2007

    A rollerblader tries to ride a rail down a staircase but slips splitting the rail, landing face first on the concrete, and then dislocating his shoulder. I honestly dont think their is any possible way to have fallen worse than this.

  • Posted by comm3nts  / May. 1, 2007

    Even if your not a fan of Halo you got to appreciate this kill. This has got to be the coolest double kill ever in the game and it was captured and recorded perfectly on all three systems.

  • Posted by kiiroi  / May. 1, 2007

    Meet the worlds fastest secretary who can stamp documents faster than anyone else in the world. Shes like a robot and shockingly shes Japanese.

  • Posted by series11  / May. 1, 2007

    This guy dumps a ton gasoline all over his yard in order to start a bonfire. It looks like he got a little more fire than he expected.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 1, 2007

    This cute little Irish girl named Becky prank calls a demolition company and asks them to knock down her school. Thought it was gonna be stupid but it actually had me crackin up the whole time.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 2, 2007

    These soldiers roll over an IED device which detonates creating a crater 10 feet deep and 100 feet across. The back of the Humvee is ripped off. In fact the only space within this entire area that wasnt completely destroyed is the small area there sitting.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 2, 2007

    Watch the kid hangin out of the sunroof. These guys take a few sharp turns on a beach and end up rolling their SUV sending there buddy right out the sunroof window.

  • Posted by smc24  / May. 2, 2007

    The hot sauce in this video is rated at two million scoville units. The warning label states that any direct consumption may lead to death and only one or two drops should be added too entire receipes. Our hero took a full shot of it and nearly died.

  • Posted by DoubleBird  / May. 2, 2007

    Follow Ernie as he battles his addiction to toys, all leading up to an intervention that has family has organized. This video is so well done it might as well be real. Long but freakin hilarious.

  • Posted by poopyjosh  / May. 2, 2007

    This guy sits his little brother down on a bean bag then jumps off the bed launching him a few feet in the air. Its all fun and games until someone starts crying!

  • Posted by marrtin79  / May. 2, 2007

    The trailer for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was just released and sweet merciful crap does it look spectacular! This just might give GTA 4 a run for its money. Halo still rules.

  • Posted by rclaxto2  / May. 2, 2007

    A daring student streaks through Hodges Library at the University of Tennessee Knoxville in the middle of finals week. Remember how crowded the libraries are this time of year. This took balls... literally.

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 2, 2007

    Break Gallery 135!!! Another RAMROD collection of crazy freaks, unfortunate accidents, and things that make you go Oh S! Enjoy

  • Posted by Staff  / May. 2, 2007

    Thanks to Chip for creating what the silent majority is well, being to silent about.