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  • Posted by fecks  / Jun. 8, 2007

    A seventy year old lady gets pulled over by a cop and while he attempts to radio in to dispatch she reaches her hand in his pocket. He explains that she should not do that with a swift knee to the forehead.

  • Posted by BannedAllStars  / Jun. 8, 2007

    National spelling bee champion Evan Odorney took time off from his busy schedule of hooking up with girls to appear on CNN. And he proves that he is also a champion of social skills.

  • Posted by WaterN  / Jun. 9, 2007

    The video quality on this clip kinda sucks but its still a pretty cool clip. A teacher gets hit with a spit ball shot from a student and suddenly turns into Jackie Chan and whoops some butt.

  • Posted by parishiltonfan  / Jun. 9, 2007

    A Paris Hilton super fan loses it live on TV when it is announced that she will be going back to jail. I think Id have the same reaction if I was forced to share a hot tub with Paris.

  • Posted by snowqc  / Jun. 9, 2007

    The Japanese have taken Tetris to an all new level of awesomeness using real people and cut out silhouettes in moving walls. It makes sense when you see the video.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 9, 2007

    This is pretty funny. Not only do these guys drop the coffin while trying to lower it into the grave but some person tries to catch it and gets dragged down with it.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 9, 2007

    You got to feel bad for this poor kid. He squares off for a bunt and ends up getting whacked with an inside pitch.

  • Posted by Gimbal16  / Jun. 10, 2007

    Take a bunch of alcohol, a zip line and some paintball guns and youre pretty much guaranteed a fun afternoon. Especially when your buddy faceplants in the ground pretty hard.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 10, 2007

    A passenger gets injured by a rock shooting up through the floor during a rally car race. The best part is the drivers hand motions while describing to a reporter what occured.

  • Posted by Studio8  / Jun. 11, 2007

    Heres a commercial for Jackie Marmaduke, an insane man who makes a living by accepting idiotic dares.

  • Posted by CapInsanoAus  / Jun. 11, 2007

    This guy shows a bunch of different card shuffling techniques to show you how people cheat at cards.

  • Posted by DJLinked  / Jun. 11, 2007

    This guy tells his buddy that if he stares at the sun with binoculars it causes an automatic sneezing reaction. Meanwhile it was all an elaborate ruse to kick him the balls.

  • Posted by RavenStake  / Jun. 11, 2007

    Dont you hate it when you go to the library to get some peace and quiet and a group of nearby girls wont stop squawking? teaches us an effective way to shut those loud girls up.

  • Posted by PISSH3AD  / Jun. 11, 2007

    These guys have built a pretty cool device which creates huge smoke rings. Tara Reid can do the same thing all by herself.

  • Posted by gbc4mpos  / Jun. 11, 2007

    Older brothers have a very sage way of handing down advice and life lessons. For instance here we have an older brother who is teaching a lesson about respecting someone elses property, specifically a donut.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 12, 2007

    These guys pack a potato gun with a wet rag and after they shoot the rag through the wall they decide it would be more fun to target their sleeping buddy instead.

  • Posted by Chem89  / Jun. 12, 2007

    Alright, its been a few weeks since we had a decent wooden spoon prank. These guys kick it up a level and use metal spoons. I love the sounds of agony this dude makes from getting whacked.

  • Posted by NationalBanana  / Jun. 12, 2007

    Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr does an ad parody for the Erectile Dysfunction pill Cialis. Thanks to the guys over at National Banana for giving us this clip exclusively.

  • Posted by Kingshaun2k  / Jun. 12, 2007

    A guy spray paints a really cool picture in under a minute. The finished product is really cool I wouldnt mind hanging that in my house.

  • Posted by ellegardenn  / Jun. 12, 2007

    The object of the game is to get as far as possible on the treadmill without falling and being subsequently dumped into water. As you get further along you must eat the cookie which speeds the treadmill up.

  • Posted by Slickness34  / Jun. 12, 2007

    This is a secretly recorded phone call that Paris Hilton made from jail to pal Britney Spears on 6/10/2007. Some of it is hard to make out because the audio sucks but you can hear her talking about her upcoming release party in Vegas.

  • Posted by mismodiablo  / Jun. 12, 2007

    When the Japanese arent playing human Tetris or sending people flailing down speeding treadmills, they are solving the worlds most pressing problems like how to escape a fart.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 12, 2007

    A great story from the show Britains Got Talent. The audience has little expectation for this cell phone salesman until he brings them to their feet with an incredible performance of an extremely difficult song.

  • Posted by sorensen480  / Jun. 13, 2007

    Some guy is waiting on the street for a bus when a prostitute solicits him. At first he tells her no but when she persists he decides to kick her butt.

  • Posted by Sixapck5001  / Jun. 13, 2007

    Here's one of the best prank calls that I have ever seen. A woman falls hook line and sinker for the Dr. Phil soundboard. She falls for it so bad that I think she starts to cry at the end.