Page 6 Archives for July 2007

  • Posted by youngJEBREY  / Jul. 27, 2007

    This granny is pissed about something and she isnt afraid to use her colorful vocabulary to express herself. I wouldnt trust her if she tries to make peace with some specially baked cookies.

  • Posted by no_hos  / Jul. 27, 2007

    A couple guys fooling around with a tractor, one dares the other to do an indo and incredibly he pulls it off.

  • Posted by SKW503  / Jul. 27, 2007

    This guy has made a really cool stop motion video of his GI Joes fighting a war. I love these because you know it took hours to complete a video like this.

  • Posted by fecks  / Jul. 28, 2007

    Ok this clip is really short but it made me laugh. Any fan of Robert De Niro or Raging Bull will appreciate it.

  • Posted by DonVito101  / Jul. 28, 2007

    This video got so many votes to homepage, it might be a new record. Some guy tricks his friend into thinking that their video made the homepage and therefore made them $400 richer. Unfortunately it was all a prank, but now theyre on the homepage so whats he gonna think now?

  • Posted by DiscoveryNetwork  / Jul. 28, 2007

    In shark videos, Great Whites tend to steal the spotlight when it comes to vicious sharks but dont forget that the Tiger Shark is just as deadly. Unfortunately this turtle learns this lesson the hard way.

  • Posted by videoposter  / Jul. 28, 2007

    Watch the guy in the light blue shirt, as the mini merry go round twirls faster and faster he begins to slowly pass out until he flat out loses consciousness and becomes dead weight.

  • Posted by metalboss44  / Jul. 28, 2007

    As one of the best actors ever Robert De Niro has amazing range, from very serious to extremely excited. In this take he shows off that range, aspiring actors pay attention.

  • Posted by ClintKarnage  / Jul. 29, 2007

    A couple of MENSA members are backyard wrestling when one guy lifts the other up and does a powerbomb right through the back windshield of a Ford Probe.

  • Posted by LtShinySides  / Jul. 29, 2007

    A large crane is trying to demolish and old building but pulls away a main support which causes the building to fall back onto the crane.

  • Posted by Alexsick88  / Jul. 30, 2007

    A shocking confrontation between a Melbourne Catholic priest and a group of trespassing skateboarders has led to calls for the clergyman to have anger management counselling.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 30, 2007

    What a messed up play! The pitcher throws a strikeout but gets charged with an earned home run while the batter gets a called third strike but gets the home run.

  • Posted by vladvlad  / Jul. 30, 2007

    Some kid lights a can of air freshener on fire then whacks it with a piece of plywood. The resulting explosion was a little more intense than they anticipated.

  • Posted by thedragon_2003  / Jul. 30, 2007

    These guys have invented a new sport called kicking footballs into moving cars. The rules are pretty self explanatory. Soon to be classic line: Its a 96!

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 31, 2007

    A dude pulls out a big knife and tries to rob a store but when the robbery starts to go bad and he leaves the owner kicks his butt and ties him up for the cops.

  • Posted by DonVito101  / Jul. 31, 2007

    Some kid in the post menu of a Halo game is an absolute psycho. This kid needs some serious ritalin.

  • Posted by ffonsok  / Jul. 31, 2007

    This guy goes off a big jump and does not land well. This resulted in a sever concussion and a broken neck and tail bone.

  • Posted by bluetahoe99  / Jul. 31, 2007

    Heres another video demonstrating that home made stripper poles are generally not as stable as the professional ones used in clubs. Please ladies, leave this to the pros.

  • Posted by FHM_UK  / Jul. 31, 2007

    TEST - The good people over at FHM have been kind enough to approach the ancient Indian art of Kama Sutra and explain some of its more popular sexual positions over a 28 day period. Here's something you might not actually know: the Kama Sutra isn't actually just about sex. It actually was an ancient text written in Sanskrit that discussed the nature of human intercourse in relation to thoughts about love, family life, and spiritual values. But, hey, this is the internet, so let's watch two hot chicks simulate a bunch of naughty stuff.