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  • Posted by CaptainLolzer  / Jul. 22, 2007

    OK this video is pretty awesome, a couple guys paddle out on a lake and shoot at a flaming propane tank. They were expecting an explosion and they got much more. Incredible!

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 23, 2007

    A chicks car overheats and this dude tries to fix it by removing the burning hot radiator cap causing antifreeze to shoot all over the place.

  • Posted by viocurse  / Jul. 23, 2007

    After absorbing a devastating kick to the face this poor guy gets slowly choked into submission by his opponent. I love watching as his body slowly becomes dead weight and gives up.

  • Posted by utwhitewater  / Jul. 23, 2007

    A guy bungees off a 200 foot tall bridge in Alaska and smacks the ground at almost 75 MPH. He survived but I bet this is the last time he tries bungee jumping.

  • Posted by ObamaGirl  / Jul. 23, 2007

    Until women are given the right to vote theyre gonna have to express their political opinions through scantily clad dance routines. I for one will be voting for whichever side goes topless first. Thats how a real American picks his president.

  • Posted by Filippo82  / Jul. 23, 2007

    This dirtbiker makes a pretty sweet jump but his landing is way off and he crashes into his watching fans. I doubt they stayed his fans for very long after that.

  • Posted by ravagewing  / Jul. 24, 2007

    A man heading towards an aviation show crashed landed on a Wisconsin highway outside of Fon Du Lac. A car caught this amazing footage of the plane approaching the highway.

  • Posted by bamboofortune  / Jul. 24, 2007

    A habanero pepper rates at between 200-300k scoville units which means they are really friggin hot. This dude took a big bit of one and the heat from the pepper really kicked his butt.

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Jul. 24, 2007

    If you have a baby and you dont feel like taking the time to childproof your entire house then you could always use this primitive safety method. It sounds like the baby is having the time of its life!

  • Posted by contusionASU  / Jul. 24, 2007

    While trying to set a prank on his girlfriend this guy slips, hits his head and knocks himself out cold. Apparently his girlfriend found him 10 minutes later with a 3 inch gash on his head and had to rush him to the ER.

  • Posted by mlbmets91  / Jul. 24, 2007

    This guy calls his buddy downstairs to watch the game and nails him with an oversize soccer ball. Where do you even get a ball that big?

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 24, 2007

    A boat loses an engine and is dragged down the river into a large bridge completely destroying itself.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 25, 2007

    One of the best pranks Ive seen in a long time. A couple middle school boys are innocently hanging out watching TV when all of a sudden the SWAT team bursts in and scares the living crap out of one kid in particular.

    See more funny pranks.

  • Posted by MiLfMuNcHa  / Jul. 25, 2007

    This cat is left outside with the front door closed but he is trained to jump up to the handle and let himself in.

  • Posted by fecks  / Jul. 25, 2007

    Some guy walks by a news reporter while she is live on the air and grabs her butt. She hardly moves and keeps reporting as nothing happened. This is the first in a long line of ass grabbings in what became known as the summer of Samuel.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 25, 2007

    Check out this compilation from the running of the bulls in Pamplona last week. Some of it makes me want to go, but not so much.

  • Posted by lewisklarke  / Jul. 25, 2007

    Lindsay Lohan the night before her most recent DUI arrest drunk and coked out of her mind eating a burger. I wonder if this is why her assistant quit??

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 26, 2007

    Break Gallery #147!!! Thats right, another festively plump array of the weirdest and wildest the net has to offer. So sit on back and enjoy the ride. Go Break!

  • Posted by toughsportslive  / Jul. 26, 2007

    A bunch of cheerleaders toss a girl up in the air while practicing a halftime routine but none of them stick around to catch her.

  • Posted by mrniceguy86  / Jul. 26, 2007

    This guy is going to be feeling this hit for awhile. A couple guys are learning to bullfight with a young bull but the little sucker can still hit pretty friggin hard and sends one of them flying.

  • Posted by Tanqueray  / Jul. 26, 2007

    People dont realize that being in handcuffs greatly reduces your ability to scratch an itch. While that isnt a major problem for a lot of people, it is for this guy.

  • Posted by rinke  / Jul. 26, 2007

    Waking up with a massive hang over and a bucket full of puke next your bed isnt that uncommon. However waking up with a massive hang over, an empty bucket and a head full of day old spaghetti thats gotta suck.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 26, 2007

    This guy drops off his girlfriend at work and as she closes the door her dress gets caught. The dude doesnt notice and drives off pulling the dress off his girl.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 26, 2007

    This poor girl completely misses the balance beam on a flip and lands face first on the mat below. For a moment she is stunned but eventually gets up on her own with no help from any coaches or teammates.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 27, 2007

    These guys are hilarious. They are brought to a prison and decide to make a break for it but end up running into a metal pole after making it just a few feet from the cops.

  • Posted by butterfairy  / Jul. 27, 2007

    What exactly is it going to take to make trampolines illegal? This kid gets triple bounced and tries to grab a tree, he ends up crashing down on his back.