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  • Posted by chriscpa  / Jul. 6, 2007

    Apparently, many elevators have a standard express override feature. This guy shows how to hack this in order to bypass other floors while riding one.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 7, 2007

    The US military detonates some explosives in Iraq. The first explosion is not too impressive but the second one sends a powerful sonic boom as over 400 tons of explosives ignite at once.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 7, 2007

    These guys mess around jumping around a stadium. Near the end one of them sizes up the stadium roof as it opens up and jumps across.

  • Posted by Diquephore  / Jul. 7, 2007

    This guy installs a desktop background of a cracked LCD screen and detaches the mouse and keyboard. When his roommate gets home he thinks his computer monitor is busted and flips out. It's usually the simplest pranks that are the best, and this one succeeds perfectly. Given the fact that the whole screen looks busted, this kid probably could have reacted a lot worse and immediately raged at his roommates, but maybe that only happened off camera.

  • Posted by fecks  / Jul. 8, 2007

    A Saudi driver is drifting down a street and ends up taking out an innocent pedestrian. The dude goes flying after getting hit but the driver doesnt even slow down to make sure he is ok.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 8, 2007

    These are some pretty cool easter eggs hidden in the google search engine. I tried most of them and they all seemed to work.

  • Posted by phreaynck  / Jul. 8, 2007

    I thought that last frisbee trick I posted was pretty impressive, but with the addition of some waves and some creativity, this one is definitely better. A guy chucks a frisbee as far as he can into a lake and his buddy floors his waverunner and catches it.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 9, 2007

    Alright, maybe I have had too much coffee this morning but when this chick starts singing in this goofy clip I cant stop laughing. Seriously, what the hell is with that voice.

  • Posted by stefmart  / Jul. 9, 2007

    I wonder if there are any documented rally car races that were crash free. In this clip a rally car completely misses his turn and takes out a few spectators with him.

  • Posted by sprainedankle  / Jul. 9, 2007

    This song is about a year old or so but its starting to get popular again so we thought we would toss it back up. If you never heard it before its hilarious.

  • Posted by Tibizzle  / Jul. 9, 2007

    A kid gets pushed into a pool while talking on his new iPhone. He is so pissed off when he gets out of the pool he slams his phone into the cement to insure it is in fact completely busted.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 10, 2007

    This video is about 5 months old and I meant to repost it last week on the fourth of July and was reminded of it again today. Whether you support the war efforts or not I think we all can agree to support the troops.

  • Posted by Racey039  / Jul. 10, 2007

    This guys roommate puts a dead bird inside his box of cereal. When he opens it up the shock literally pushes him back off his chair and into the wall.

  • Posted by Hansruedi  / Jul. 10, 2007

    This kid goes flying into a concrete barrier wall after wiping out off his skateboard. He snapped his wrist after hitting the wall and it took nearly a minute for him to catch his breath.

  • Posted by miller801  / Jul. 10, 2007

    This little brother pulls the LCD cracked screen prank on his much older brother and when his brother finds the busted looking computer he runs off to kick his kid brothers ass. Hope the 400 bucks was worth it dude.

  • Posted by Gators2007  / Jul. 11, 2007

    A track and field athlete attempts a new personal record in the pole vault. Although he does a really good job at the jumping part he still needs to work on landing.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 11, 2007

    This guy stops his snowmobile on the other end of a jump and ends up getting smacked by his buddy while sitting on his snowmobile.

  • Posted by MikeGB  / Jul. 11, 2007

    A kid falls out of a tree and snaps his wrist so that it bends horribly backward. The funny thing is how proper this guy sounds and how with a busted wrist all he can think about is how thirsty he is.

  • Posted by LouieLouAY  / Jul. 11, 2007

    A roman candle is launched at this guys friend and he turns at just the wrong second to let the ball fly into his paintball mask. Im sure the burning ball of fire hurt but I mainly feel bad for the dude filming that was cursed with that goofy friggin laugh.

  • Posted by Io_Bot  / Jul. 11, 2007

    This guy films his buddy wiping out hard on a small turn. Both the bike and the rider did a nice job keeping in sync on each flip during the wipe out.

  • Posted by Boundation  / Jul. 11, 2007

    This video is similar to one we posted a few months back but this time the rider literally gets slammed by the tube. You can see his neck snap back as he smacks onto the water.

  • Posted by dominoNick  / Jul. 11, 2007

    What is the friggin deal this week with people snappin their wrists. I really dont get this one. I understand skateboarding or falling out of a tree but why let your buddy push you down a flight of stairs for fun.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 12, 2007

    Its Break Gallery #145!!! Another jaw dropping collection of the most bizarre pics out there today. So put your feet up, take it all in, and be glad a lot of these are not you.

  • Posted by dms04ddd  / Jul. 12, 2007

    A couple of guys go speeding out of control and when they hit a sand dune their car and both guys go flying into the air. Im truely impressed with the hang time these guys got.