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  • Posted by kichigaijin  / Jul. 1, 2007

    These are some very clever Pandas. Although I think theyll have a hard time disguising themselves once they make it outside in the real world.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 2, 2007

    A plane lands too hard in bad weather and the tail slams into the runway. The impact is so strong that the pilot is forced to abandon the landing.

  • Posted by rpo048  / Jul. 2, 2007

    Listen to this funny linkin park parody of "In The End". This linkin park video plays a band made up of computer parts. This rap-rock music video plays on Linkin Park's use of computerized beats, screaming vocals, tween fans and bargain bin worthy status. You'll love this hilarious linkin park parody.

  • Posted by daddyduke  / Jul. 2, 2007

    This hunter is able to catch and kill a deer using a bird which Im pretty sure is Ted Nugents idea of heaven. What is that a hawk?

  • Posted by lehecka  / Jul. 2, 2007

    Im pretty sure these are the same guys who made the basketball shot from the back of moving Jeep now he makes it from a moving bike. I guess their insane game of horse is still going on!

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 2, 2007

    This is a pretty cool video compilation of various images before and after a little photoshopping.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 3, 2007

    This guy demonstrates some additional hidden features he found on his iPhone after he purchased it last Friday.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 3, 2007

    Here's a crazy traffic accident. A semi doesnt bother to hit the brakes during a bumper to bumper traffic jam. He ends up taking out nearly a dozen cars before finally stopping.

  • Posted by BustownRolla  / Jul. 3, 2007

    These guys play tug of war across the street using an invisible rope to see how drivers would react. Pretty simple yet funny and creative gag!

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 3, 2007

    I have seen Chris Angel in action and some of the stuff he does is pretty amazing but some guy explains how one of his illusion tricks is done and it kinda makes it a lot less cool.

  • Posted by comm3nts  / Jul. 4, 2007

    Michelin has reinvented the wheel and has come up with one that does not use air. This is going to be the future of tires, I hope we get them soon.

  • Posted by PandaSmash  / Jul. 4, 2007

    This guy chugs a beer, spins around to get dizzy as hell then runs up to dunk. It does not go well.

  • Posted by ReGGs  / Jul. 5, 2007

    This is a pretty cool video of a torpedo blowing up a destroyer. The torpedo doesnt actually hit the destroyer, but it detonates a few meters under it, causing a big void. When water surges to replace that void, the force it creates, splits the destroyer in half.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 5, 2007

    An enormous crane gets off balance and crashes below some workers. These guys are very lucky nobody was injured.

  • Posted by BlindChaos  / Jul. 5, 2007

    This video is about a year old but we never put it on the home page and I came across it again today and thought it was worthy. Although it kinda drags in the beginning you have to watch this one till the end.

  • Posted by SkysNet  / Jul. 5, 2007

    Well, here is another future darwin award candidate. This guy gets a huge balloon and tries to climb inside of it. He luckily survives this time around.

  • Posted by Damonzwicker  / Jul. 5, 2007

    I apologize to anyone who had trouble viewing this one when we first posted it late last night. This is the guy who wanted to prove to his wife he could build a cabinet by hand but ended up cutting off his thumb.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 5, 2007

    Dr.Strong a physics professor at the University of Alabama has a rule that if a cell phone goes off in class the student has to sing a song in front of the class. This kid takes it up a level and brings his guitar and a buddy to jam after his rings during a lecture.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 6, 2007

    Its Break Gallery #144!!! Get your butts in gear peoples because we got it all this time. A nice budget of freaks, hotties, and unusually funny. So giddyup and go break!

  • Posted by phreaynck  / Jul. 6, 2007

    Pretty cool trick. This guy throws a frisbee towards a building and it rolls around the entire building and flies back to him.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 6, 2007

    During the making of a recent rap video the stunt man comes flying down the street on his bike but when he pops a wheelie he loses control and wipes out hard.

  • Posted by Greenhippo33  / Jul. 6, 2007

    During a 4th of July celebration the truck holding the fireworks caught on fire. I love the dude in the background that questions whether this was an accident or part of the show.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 6, 2007

    Alright, I admit you got to be a little geeky to appreciate this one. Some kid draws a painting using nothing but HTML code. Its actually pretty impressive if you ever used HTML before.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 6, 2007

    A couple workers jump in some pretty big machines and literally tear their bosses car in half. I think its a safe bet that this was their last day on the job.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 6, 2007

    I thought this was pretty funny. Some dog sees a car passing by and ends up running full speed and head first into a brick mailbox.