Page 7 Archives for January 2007

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 31, 2007

    This dude fires an AK47 until the barrel gets so hot that the metal actually ignites.

  • Posted by EvilFist  / Jan. 31, 2007

    This is a pretty funny prank. The best part of it is what he asks the toll booth attendant at the very end of the video.

  • Posted by truthcommission  / Jan. 31, 2007

    On an episode of 'Teen Best Friends' Wheel of Fortune, two stupid girls screw up an easy answer and lose $3,150. These Gi_ls A_e _eta_ded.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 31, 2007

    These Danish soldiers storm an insurgent hideout in Afghanistan not expecting much of a resistance. As they approach they are greeted with a little firefight and proceed to kick some butt.

  • Posted by Xyamom  / Jan. 31, 2007

    This guy has a few words for PETA, apparently he's not a fan. What do you think? Lets see how quickly the comments section turns into a war about whether or not America sucks.