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  • Posted by dragbike14  / Feb. 23, 2007

    Naturally 7 is a all human band with no instruments and they sound better than most bands with instruments its just amazing how they do this. This was filmed on a subway in Paris, the song is In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 23, 2007

    Any reason to post a video featuring girls kissing is a great reason. Along with pictures of cute cats and leaked celebrity nude photos, videos of hot chicks snogging are one of the foundations of the modern internet. Snogging, for those of you in the states, means making out. Alright, enough language lessons for today, enjoy the babes.

  • Posted by Pjstar  / Feb. 24, 2007

    If this guy eats cat poop then he gets $15 Canadian. Hopefully his friends share the $400 with him, he definitely deserves it.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 24, 2007

    I dont get the fun in purposely getting chased by an animal that could kill you. Here are a bunch of videos put together of bulls catching people.

  • Posted by Catfish5g  / Feb. 24, 2007

    Some kid tries a jump on his bike and totally over rotates landing face first into the asphalt. The impact was so strong it caused most of his teeth to fall out. (Warning: Language)

  • Posted by chicofiesta  / Feb. 25, 2007

    Instead of hurting yourself to make the front page why dont you just shave your head! You know about our Britney contest right? $1500 bucks for the top three head shaving videos! Get shaving...

  • Posted by The Vault Staff  / Feb. 25, 2007

    Instead of hurting yourself to make the front page why dont you just shave your head! You know about our Britney contest right? $1500 bucks for the top three head shaving videos! Get shaving...

  • Posted by mystifiedmoose  / Feb. 25, 2007

    This is an awesome stop motion recreation of Counter Strike made using legos. I love the fake blood, clearly someone put a lot of time into this.

  • Posted by aitech  / Feb. 26, 2007

    Check out this driver load up some dudes car in his tow truck. Not only does he bang it against the side of his truck a few times but he screws up the roof of the car as well.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 26, 2007

    This is probably the best sledding wipeout I have ever seen. These guys get launched off a jump and take out people with them on the wipe.

  • Posted by Kevdawg626  / Feb. 26, 2007

    I didnt think this wipe out really looked that bad until the slow mo replay. At the end of the clip the dude takes a shot of whats left of his lip.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 26, 2007

    You have got to give it to this guy. This is one of the most disgusting arm breaks I have ever seen and he acts like its just some inconvenience. Dude doesnt that friggin hurt a little.

  • Posted by Indian_Larry  / Feb. 26, 2007

    Wow this guy is a moron. He just single handedly ruined our perfect streak of dumb women drivers. Way to go buddy.

  • Posted by ChaunceyK  / Feb. 26, 2007

    A couple weeks back we posted a video of an awesome folding chair and now I think the same company has come out with an equally cool adjustable table. This would be so sweet at parties.

  • Posted by cowbell1  / Feb. 26, 2007

    During the final game of an 8th grade basketball tournament a kid violently attacks his opponent. There doesnt appear to be any real provocation, something tells me this guy got a flagrant foul.

  • Posted by Denominator  / Feb. 27, 2007

    This is pretty cool. These guys film various explosions and then edit them to play in slow motion reverse.

  • Posted by aitech  / Feb. 27, 2007

    A motorcycle goes flying through an intersection and crashes into two women on bicycles. Both women were taken to a local hospital and released later that day.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 27, 2007

    It's too bad that none of these tricks would help you in a strip poker tournament. Though, the ability to be good with your hands might impress some of the ladies around the table. This dude demonstrates some of his poker chip skills. I thought I was getting good at this but this dude puts me to shame.

  • Posted by arnaz1  / Feb. 27, 2007

    An 80 year old woman in Florida crashed into the DMV injuring 11 people on the day she came in to renew her license. Somehow I dont think she'll be driving ever again.

  • Posted by thecyberninja  / Feb. 27, 2007

    Chelsea football player John Terry takes a foot directly to the face during league cups finals against Arsenal. This looked pretty painful and serious, I hope hes ok.

  • Posted by ChickenHunter89  / Feb. 27, 2007

    The guys from Balls Of Steel convince an audience member to come up on stage and be subjected to a lie detector. Little does he know the detector is actually just an air conditioner. This poor guy ends up admitting some very embarrassing things

  • Posted by Matzioni  / Feb. 27, 2007

    This guy Andy Mckee is an awesome guitar player. He has a very unique style as you can see and hear in this video for his song "Drifting". Be sure to check out his site

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 28, 2007

    This is some insane footage a guy took while being chased by a police officer. The dude ends up not only outrunning the cop but causing him to crash. Hopefully, this video ends up as evidence in court.

  • Posted by Catfish5g  / Feb. 28, 2007

    Last week we posted a clip of some Dad jumping into a high school wrestling match to help his son. Now here is a clip of some dudes brother jumping in to help out.