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  • Posted by TheBestDude  / Feb. 13, 2007

    This dude is caught riding by a chick on his motorcycle and stealing her purse and she walks into a store.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 13, 2007

    Two kids try to rob a conveinent store with a couple of sticks and end up getting their asses kicked as they try to run out of the store.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 13, 2007

    During an air show one helicopter clips the tail of another helicopter sending it into a flat spin to the ground. Does anyone know anymore about this clip? Hope everyone was ok.

  • Posted by Nadia8684  / Feb. 13, 2007

    Fans of The Facebook will love this hilarious song parody by musical group called Penn Masala. I was cracking up the whole time. For more info go to their a Capella version of Aicha is amazing.

  • Posted by Ouvan  / Feb. 13, 2007

    Two guys on ATVs go up a jump, and only one comes down. The other guy has a very rough landing and to top it all off the atvs are still flying over the jump. Looks very painful.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 13, 2007

    Heres what happens when an airbag is placed in a bucket and it is ignited while a guy sits on top. Check out the air he gets. Hopefully $400 will relieve his ball soreness a little!

  • Posted by diskjockey2099  / Feb. 14, 2007

    If you have ever seen any Kimbo fights, you realize how crazy this seems. Some kid for a couple of bucks agrees to take a punch in the gut from Kimbo. He goes down but he takes it pretty well.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 14, 2007

    This is a pretty funny clip of some dude that tries to prove to his girlfriend he is a Ninja.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 14, 2007

    This guy left a room full of friends during the SuperBowl to get a breath of fresh air. His wife followed him onto the patio and quietly taped him on the patio. Not sure that air he was breathing was really that fresh.

  • Posted by chris_up_on_one  / Feb. 14, 2007

    This guys best friend Dave apparently tried to sleep with his sister so hes serving him a nice warm can of the nuts. At least now if he does eventually sleep with your sister she wont get pregnant.

  • Posted by tommygimler  / Feb. 15, 2007

    This is a very well done spoof on Myspace videos. These guys are actually very funny and its definetly worth checking out.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 15, 2007

    It’s Break Gallery #124!!! This is the Ron Jeremy of galleries. It may look short and a little stout, but it’s packed full of powerful donkey punches. Click your daily doldrums and enjoy.

  • Posted by Weaselman  / Feb. 15, 2007

    Yesterday during icy conditions on the highway a Fed Ex semi lost control and slammed into a parked police cruiser on the highway. Incredibly, nobody was seriously hurt in this accident.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 15, 2007

    An Italian teacher has been suspended after this cell phone video surfaced of her allowing her male students to fondle her during class and get their hands around her little g string. Look at that thong! This is like the ultimate dream for a 13 year old. Or, you know, his best chance at an ultimate expulsion. But, it would be worth it, right?

  • Posted by RStoney99  / Feb. 15, 2007

    You knew Tide was good at cleaning those really tough stains but did you also know the bottle was very effective at getting revenge on an unsuspecting friend. Not convinced? Watch this real life demonstration.

  • Posted by PimpPlaza  / Feb. 15, 2007

    These guys pour gasoline down the barrel of a pneumatic potato gun and shoot it at small fire pit. The resulting explosion is pretty insane.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 16, 2007

    In order to make room for the 2008 Olympics China needed to demo one of the largest stadiums in the country. Amazing to watch this massive structure disappear in just seconds.

  • Posted by helloexactly  / Feb. 16, 2007

    Watching people falling down is always funny. Here we have an icy sidewalk at Star Valley High School and a camera to record a compilation of the best slips.

  • Posted by peteherron  / Feb. 16, 2007

    A childish prank goes wrong at about 4am. Words are exchanged, a few pushes traded then someone always has to take it to the next level.

  • Posted by Brian965  / Feb. 16, 2007

    This guy is calling Break out saying that we dont really pay people for videos and we dont look at the user submissions. Well his video made the homepage and therefore we owe him $400. If he takes our money we expect an apology video.