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  • Posted by zer0tolerance  / Dec. 11, 2007

    Those safety strings might keep you from slamming into the ground but as a tradeoff they swing you head first into a concrete wall.

  • Posted by Ghieman  / Dec. 11, 2007

    This guy has a blockage which causes his M16 to back-fire right in this face. Apparently this is very common for m16s.

  • Posted by Mecapalero  / Dec. 11, 2007

    This driver gets a phone call on his cell phone while on the top of a tanker and the cell actually ignites the gasoline setting him on fire.

  • Posted by fhh  / Dec. 12, 2007

    Its a little known fact that kids under the age 9 are always drunk and made of rubber. Otherwise we would never survive as a race.

  • Posted by ilikepooping  / Dec. 12, 2007

    This guy has cat like skills and reflexes. He tries to jump through a hole in a wall, his landing was not so smooth. Hes lucky he missed the stud other wise this would have hurt a lot more.

  • Posted by blatchford  / Dec. 12, 2007

    In case you didnt pick up on it during the video, this guy has had 12 shots. Those 12 shots combine forces to bring us one great faceplant that he will feel tomorrow.

  • Posted by Staff  / Dec. 12, 2007

    Break Gallery #167!!! w00t, w00t, we got a gaggle of the most ridiculous photos you ever saw in here. We got weirdos, wild ones, funky animals, adn the usual slew of bad drivers.

  • Posted by gagfilms  / Dec. 12, 2007

    Youll never believe whats inside. Save tons of money a year just by hacking open a car battery! The mother of all battery hacks!

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Dec. 13, 2007

    If it makes you feel better about yourself go ahead and state the obvious in the comments but I still thought this was a pretty entertaining clip.

  • Posted by DoctorFaustus  / Dec. 13, 2007

    Ive seen a dude with nunchucks faceplant a backflip so hard that it knocked him out cold and it was still closer to a backflip than this. This flip was closer to just standing than a backflip.

  • Posted by zeppo  / Dec. 13, 2007

    This is a hilarious slide show reminding us why we shouldnt get too wasted when we drink. Either that or hang out with less funny friends.

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Dec. 13, 2007

    When you put an injured person on a stretcher always make sure the back of the ambulance door is securely locked. Otherwise something like this might happen...

  • Posted by haveuseenmystapler  / Dec. 13, 2007

    Wow. Just wow. I didnt know that Clay Aiken and Celine Dion were even dating...

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Dec. 13, 2007

    The police report states that this old guy went nuts in a car was because he lost his glasses. All of it was captured by CCTV. I think he realized it was time for Wapner.

  • Posted by gregger1000  / Dec. 13, 2007

    This horse is the equivalent to a sober driver that runs into a tree. Then just like a bad driver the horse gets up quick and acts like its not his fault.

  • Posted by sodikartracer  / Dec. 13, 2007

    This might be one of the hardest faceplants all year. This guy doesnt pick up enough speed to clear a jump and ends up hitting the edge of the ramp face first.

  • Posted by Cantide  / Dec. 14, 2007

    As brave as this cop was I got to wonder why once the driver turned on the engine he didnt pull out the tazer and buzz him. Anyone know if they caught this dude.

  • Posted by JHeath5150  / Dec. 14, 2007

    Very impressive. There must be nearly a foot of snow laying on the tracks but it doesnt even slow down this train as it plows right on through.

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Dec. 14, 2007

    Some nut job has a massive panic attack while on an Air Canada flight thankfully one of the other passengers was smart enough to film the whole thing. Get this guy a sedative!

  • Posted by murphyy  / Dec. 14, 2007

    After watching this I am really tempted to join the Ukrainian army. Apparently they just drive around in tanks and pick up chicks. Can someone translate this?

  • Posted by didyouknow  / Dec. 14, 2007

    This video is really cool, it tells a bunch of little known but insane facts about the human body. Im gonna use some of these as openers tonight at the bars.

  • Posted by whatwhy  / Dec. 14, 2007

    This girl has cracked the homepage formula. Create a catchy song about her boobs set to cheesy techno music. God I hope this becomes a trend.

  • Posted by boomerang75  / Dec. 14, 2007

    I thought this was great. Its a spoof on a few recent internet celebrities. Leave don’t taze me bro alone!