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  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 31, 2007

    Check out this new Kevin Federline video he made for Nationwide! Not really rollin’ like a VIP when you’re making commercials for Nationwide. Looks like he had the sweet life when he was still with Britney Spears. Sadly, this is probably a real depiction of him life after divorcing Spears. Too bad he doesn’t do commercials anymore; the world would be a better place if people laughed more often. Call me a sucker but how can you not like videos that rips on Kevin Federline.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 31, 2007

    This dude fires an AK47 until the barrel gets so hot that the metal actually ignites.

  • Posted by EvilFist  / Jan. 31, 2007

    This is a pretty funny prank. The best part of it is what he asks the toll booth attendant at the very end of the video.

  • Posted by truthcommission  / Jan. 31, 2007

    On an episode of 'Teen Best Friends' Wheel of Fortune, two stupid girls screw up an easy answer and lose $3,150. These Gi_ls A_e _eta_ded.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 31, 2007

    These Danish soldiers storm an insurgent hideout in Afghanistan not expecting much of a resistance. As they approach they are greeted with a little firefight and proceed to kick some butt.

  • Posted by Xyamom  / Jan. 31, 2007

    This guy has a few words for PETA, apparently he's not a fan. What do you think? Lets see how quickly the comments section turns into a war about whether or not America sucks.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 1, 2007

    Break Gallery #122!!! Here you have it, the latest and greatestest pics from all around. Plenty of wild, wacky, weird, whatever other w description you can think of.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 1, 2007

    Sea Launch rocket carrying a commercial communications satellite exploded Tuesday January 30, 2007 during launch from an oceangoing platform in the equatorial Pacific.

  • Posted by BexleySmellzBad  / Feb. 1, 2007

    In an attempt to destroy an indestructible nalgene bottle, this guy uses it to create a dry ice bomb. It explodes in his hand.

  • Posted by OrangeBaby  / Feb. 1, 2007

    Guy uses computer to text his roommate a false message about drunk horny girls. Hilarious reaction from confused roommate when he comes back with nothing but a pretty good slap in the face.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 1, 2007

    From the makers of Oral B brush ups come Douche Ups! Rip, slip, douche ahhhhhhhhhh!

  • Posted by 49_cent  / Feb. 1, 2007

    I'm assuming this guy didn't mean to come off the jump and scare the living hell out of that little girl but it turned out to be a pretty cool trick.

  • Posted by 2High  / Feb. 1, 2007

    I am amazed that this doesn't happen more often when people are using the bench press. Even with a spotter it seems like people aren't ever paying close attention.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 1, 2007

    The simple truth about men's bathroom habits compared to women's. This video nails it completely, I have participated in this exact scenario many times.

  • Posted by Dxtra30  / Feb. 2, 2007

    We have had this video sent to us at least 10 times over the last couple days. Its a commercial but its pretty funny. Dont forget to check out after this Sunday when we will have all the commercials available that aired during the Super Bowl.

  • Posted by BrazenVideo  / Feb. 2, 2007

    Here's a nice little addition to the tradition of chiefing the first person who passes out. This is after they spent two hours putting crap all over him. Talk about a weird way to wake up.

  • Posted by vicpro  / Feb. 2, 2007

    These guys fill a bag with water and wait for an innocent victim to walk out the door. That poor girl must be pissed... and wet.

  • Posted by Chat_Stew  / Feb. 2, 2007

    Pretty cool footage from the cockpit of an Air India flight. You can see three other planes flyby at pretty close range. Shows just how fast you're actually going.

  • Posted by OpieandAnthony  / Feb. 2, 2007

    Anthony from the Opie and Anthony show spent over 12 hours trying to install Windows Vista without success. After downloading countless drivers that didn’t work and dealing with lots of hardware conflict issues, he finally figured out the best way to load it onto his machine.

  • Posted by Koolmoto  / Feb. 3, 2007

    These guys start out pranking people at their local shopping center with a moving box. They try to pull the prank in the parking lot but that turns out to be a bad idea.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 4, 2007

    This might be the longest mountain biker crash I have ever seen. This guy jumps off a 50 foot cliff and tries to land his bike but ends up crashing down the hill.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 4, 2007

    This strange weather phenomenon happened in Newfoundland where the waves were actually frozen as they crashed on the beach. Wouldnt want to go surfing that day.

  • Posted by Staff  / Feb. 5, 2007

    During a military training drill this poor soldier takes a direct nut shot from either a paint ball or some other kind of object. Needless to say he was not happy. That is probably the most painful thing I can imagine.