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  • Posted by DannyVid  / Mar. 9, 2007

    Again this prank is still really funny to me, I hope we get a bunch more videos like this. Maybe with some better lighting and camera work though!

  • Posted by Weigs1486  / Mar. 10, 2007

    This is a great clip from some half-time show. Not only does one dude totally bite it by landing on his back on a failed olley oop but the final dunk is friggin awesome.

  • Posted by DVN_rox  / Mar. 10, 2007

    Some guy who is most likely very drunk takes a nice little joy ride through an indoor mall. My guess is that he had the munchies and was craving some Sbarro Pizza. Or maybe he just really likes The Gap.

  • Posted by boburnham  / Mar. 10, 2007

    ***This is not a repost! Its a sequel*** Bo Burnham has a little secret that he wants to share. Seriously, this kid is hilarious and the music is pretty catchy. He is definitely the new Stephen Lynch.

  • Posted by bigmo12403  / Mar. 10, 2007

    A couple of buddies are rough housing and finally call it quits. The smaller of the two decided to land a final cheap shot to claim victory.

  • Posted by compfused_com  / Mar. 10, 2007

    Another group of friends grab a water ballon and sling shout launcher and nail some dude from about 10 feet.

  • Posted by sputnikzz  / Mar. 11, 2007

    Its Sunday morning and everyones probably recovering from the weekend so to help ease the pain here is a video of two hot babes in lingerie making out on a bed. It would be even more soothing if we happen to be in the middle of this sweet, make-out sandwich, but we'll take what we can get. Thanks, Internet.

  • Posted by boburnham  / Mar. 11, 2007

    I know weve posted a bunch of Bo Burnhams videos lately but you have to admit they are all pretty funny. This one is by far my favorite beccause now that I think about it, hes right Helen Keller was the perfect woman.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 11, 2007

    A spotter thinks the gymnast is about to fall and goes to catch him. The gymnast gains control and ends up swining into the spotter so hard that the dude goes flying across the mat.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 12, 2007

    A car tries to drift in the desert sand in Saudi Arabia. The driver loses control sending the car rolling and both the driver and the passenger flying.

  • Posted by nicolastelmosse  / Mar. 12, 2007

    A cute french host leans away from her chair and flashes to the audience and TV cameras her hot little G-string during a live taping. That's the beauty of live television: you can do your best to hide the strings that move everything, but sometimes we get a little unedited glimpse that we'll remember forever.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 12, 2007

    These guys dare their friend to climb into the dryer all the way and close the door. Turning the dryer on was not part of the deal and when that happens, the prank back fires, painfully.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 12, 2007

    This is an FAA radar track sequence of FedEx planes avoiding a storm as they approach the Memphis airport. Pretty cool to watch, looks kinda like an ant farm. Also I had no idea there were this many FedEx planes, anyone know how many flights the have a day?

  • Posted by mtdewman123  / Mar. 12, 2007

    Ravenstoke is a city in Alaska where men outnumbered women 100 to 1. Fortunately theyve found a solution and have turned their tiny mountain town into paradise.

  • Posted by dragbike14  / Mar. 12, 2007

    A scuba diver is feeding Giant Mora Eels near Phuket Thailand when one of the Eels mistakes his thumb for a sausage and bites it clear off. Later he had an operation to graft one of his big toes onto his hand. It looks weird but apparently works pretty well.

  • Posted by StevieQ  / Mar. 13, 2007

    I am such a sucker for the slow motion high fps videos. This one is very cool though. This dude films himself getting hit with a paintball and a BB gun.

  • Posted by stacked100  / Mar. 13, 2007

    I got to say this was a very interesting video to watch. Its just a bunch of facts and estimates but it really starts to make you think. Definetly worth checking out.

  • Posted by nosi  / Mar. 13, 2007

    Some dude tries to ride his snowmobile across a river and although he does successfully he quickly learns its still not powerful enough to drive through trees.

  • Posted by cnjhanks  / Mar. 13, 2007

    Some chick gets arrested for drunk driving and while in the police headquarters starts freaking out. One of the cops tazes her and since she is wasted the jolt knocks her out cold and sends her crashing into the ground.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 13, 2007

    An All Nippon Airways plane landed this morning without its nose gear at Kochi Airport in southern Japan. Does this happen very often? What would happen if one of the rear wheels didnt descend?

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 13, 2007

    This guy gets a wrong number phone call from someone who speaks a different language. Happens to me all the time and just hang up. This guy decides to play along and pretend to speak and understand the language.

  • Posted by flets  / Mar. 13, 2007

    Closed circuit cameras catch this motorist in the Netherlands ignoring the red lights and getting startled by the moving road block. I wish we had more of these in the US cause it would create some awesome comedy.

  • Posted by D_dub0018  / Mar. 13, 2007

    When its too cold to ride a bull, this is the next best thing. That was probably the sickest 4 wheeler donut Ive ever seen, no wonder he got tossed like a rag doll.

  • Posted by c_oon  / Mar. 13, 2007

    Some dude tries to pull the wooden spoon prank on his friend. He doesnt have anyone to help him with it so when his buddy bends over he just whacks him on the head. As he makes his getaway he wipes out hard on a skateboard busting his face into the ground.

  • Posted by pekeqpeke  / Mar. 13, 2007

    All of a sudden this dude gets up and tries to do a flying kick to close a door. Just as he gets airborne the ceiling fan sends him to the ground.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 14, 2007

    This crazy lady has been in an ongoing feud with her neighbors and goes to extreme methods to prove she did not throw acid at them. Check out her tshirt, if that doesnt prove her innocence what does?