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  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 24, 2007

    This guy attaches a speedometer to his hamsters wheel to see how fast the little guy can go. After setting his own speed record he realizes he has no way to slow down and must ride it out.

  • Posted by Chat_Stew  / Jan. 24, 2007

    A group of kids set out to destroy an old Jeep. I guess this is what they mean by trail rated.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 25, 2007

    This has to be the two luckiest parachuters in the world. They get tangled up and then as they spiral too the ground somehow untangle and both drift safely to land.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 25, 2007

    Just hours before this chick is about to get married she freaks out in the bathroom and with her bridesmaids watching starts cutting off huge chunks of her hair.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 25, 2007

    Some dude tries to steal Tiger Woods clubs while he is taking a few practice swings. Tiger runs him down and tackles him to the ground. Not sure what this has to do with Buick but still pretty funny video.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 25, 2007

    Man I can not think of a worse ending to a sledding accident. This dude is going to be hurting for awhile.

  • Posted by Chat_Stew  / Jan. 25, 2007

    What was a simple local commercial became an internet sensation overnight. Sammy Stephens, a local businessman and former disk jockey from Montgomery, Alabama, created a rap-inspired 0:30 commercial for his flea market, Flea Market Montgomery. He has since appeared on Ellen and is an internet legend.

  • Posted by Cheef  / Jan. 25, 2007

    Watch as these two bruiser bucks try to kill each other to see who will mate with the doe in the background. And she doesn't even care. This is showing that the bar room brawls men get in are only nature. But even then you still might not get the girl.

  • Posted by BFolks  / Jan. 25, 2007

    This is a really cool video of a Humvee driving through Iraqi traffic. In order to avoid insurgent attacks they cant stop or slow down, even if that requires some improvised driving.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 26, 2007

    As a person who doesn't have to wear glasses I'm really grateful I'll never have to go through this. Are glasses that uncomfortable?

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 26, 2007

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, why do they hold rally car races on such tiny village streets? There has to be a race track nearby.

  • Posted by smellthis  / Jan. 26, 2007

    This idiot decides it would be a great idea to hold a video camera as he weaves in and out of traffic. Shockingly his reflexes were a bit impaired when he had to swerve.

  • Posted by drmoney  / Jan. 26, 2007

    These guys cover their friends door with shaving cream as a practical joke. I guess their friend didn't find it as funny.

  • Posted by JoeyandDavid  / Jan. 26, 2007

    To one-up the Nissan Sentra commercials where the guy spends 7 days in his car, Joey and David set out to spend two full weeks living in a Civic.

  • Posted by PoPwaR123  / Jan. 27, 2007

    At the Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge Tennessee a couple audience members are brought on stage to participate. Turns out the old guy in the middle has one of the funniest laughs I've ever heard in my life. This is one of the funniest videos I've seen.

  • Posted by cutout28  / Jan. 27, 2007

    This is pretty cool, a guy uses kitchen appliances to create some sweet beat box noises.

  • Posted by Skyman741  / Jan. 28, 2007

    This guy skates up a ramp and drops off onto the concrete, unfortunately his skateboard beats him to the ground and smashes Josh right in the face. That looks painful!

  • Posted by InfiniteSolutions  / Jan. 28, 2007

    Mark Erikson from Infinite solutions shows how you can easily boost your wireless signal using a few common household items. This is awesome, I tried it and it actually works!

  • Posted by bluetahoe99  / Jan. 29, 2007

    Here is a video of Carmen Electra spoofing Lonelygirl15. I think this may actually be the first video of a celebrity spoofing an E-lebrity. The I Want Candy star is sexy and hilarious.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 29, 2007

    Do they really need to conduct this test. If your going 50MPH on a motorcycle and you T-bone a car does it really matter what type of bike you were driving.

  • Posted by dyaz  / Jan. 29, 2007

    A group of kids perform Ok Go at a school talent show. Got to give these kids some credit they friggin nailed the entire routine.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jan. 29, 2007

    This guy is awesome. This has to be one of the most boring jobs in the world but the dude does his best to make the most of it.

  • Posted by JSmooth333  / Jan. 29, 2007

    This guy has created an awesome shoulder fired tennis ball launcher. Apparently it shoots tennis balls at 500mph and up. Pretty sweet!