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  • Posted by star_gazalat  / Mar. 3, 2007

    I am not sure what trick this dude was trying to pull but he definetly failed. As he approaches the corner of a concrete wall he slips on his bike sending him face first into the corner.

  • Posted by Chat_Stew  / Mar. 3, 2007

    I actually really enjoy Glenn Beck, I used to listen to him on the radio all the time and I like his new TV show. Unfortunately I dont think his guest from US weekly quite understands his sense of humor.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 4, 2007

    I am surprised this hasnt received more attention yet. In this clip Ann Coulter pretty much calls John Edwards a faggot at the American Conservative Union Political Action Conference.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 4, 2007

    Heres one way to get your kid to stop drinking so much soda...instead of telling him his teeth will rot just give him a 2L bottle of diet coke with some mentos in it.

  • Posted by offvoice  / Mar. 4, 2007

    During a freestyle ATV competition, this quad does a back flip that doesnt quite go as planned. So close to glory, yet so far away.

  • Posted by Haydenworld  / Mar. 5, 2007

    When I was 7 years old I got bit by a squirrel at a family picnic so I have no problem posting this clip. Here is a video of some guys building a squirrel trap and launching the little sucker about 50 feet back into the woods.

  • Posted by XxSharkyxX  / Mar. 5, 2007

    This is one crazy crocodile video. I bet the last thing this dude was worried about when jumping off the platform was getting attacked by a crocodile. Watch how close its gets to taking this poor guys head right off.

  • Posted by louietsavo  / Mar. 5, 2007

    This video had me rolling, poor Odie gets rejected so he takes care of himself in a very amusing way. I think we can all relate to this situation.

  • Posted by pasadenaaudio  / Mar. 5, 2007

    Ha ha, ok this is a very clever way to enter our Break Loves Britney contest which ends today. Ill admit at first I was a little skeptical but this cracked me up.

  • Posted by castlepoint  / Mar. 5, 2007

    While setting up the rubber band sink hose prank always remember to keep the kitchen floor dry. He ended up biting through his tongue, losing 2 teeth and chipping another. Hopefully $400 will help with those mounting dentist bills.

  • Posted by etteragick  / Mar. 5, 2007

    Fred and Rose look like the perfect hamster couple right? Wrong. Behold the the furry fury as these two friends become enemies in this Hamster Cage Fight!

  • Posted by SnuK223  / Mar. 6, 2007

    We have posted all of the top video clips in this compilation in the past but they were cool to watch again edited into this video. I still hurt everytime I watch that pole vaulter.

  • Posted by TinSoldier  / Mar. 6, 2007

    These guys build a catapult and sling some dude hundreds of feet into the air. That looks awesome to try but its gotta take some balls to sit in that swing and let them launch you away.

  • Posted by AnalWart  / Mar. 6, 2007

    This shotgun is so big it takes two men to carry it. I guess its called a punt gun and I cant think of a practical use for it, except to destroy a lot of stuff at once.

    More related content from ScreenJunkies: Packing Heat: Guns in Movies - "Guns in movies play an integral role for so many genres from action to mystery to westerns to articulate violence to many audiences. Movies takes the notion of the smoking gun to new hieghts as characters solve their problems with the use of a bullet."

  • Posted by Aickman  / Mar. 6, 2007

    Looks like this is from an American Idol type show in France, one of the contestants is an amazing Beat Boxer. Listen him seamlessly go from Michael Jackson Billy Jean to Usher Ya! When does he breathe?

  • Posted by MadisonHotels  / Mar. 6, 2007

    Meet Ruby the foul mouthed parrot. This parrot must have been hanging out with some pirates or something, hes got such a dirty beak.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 6, 2007

    Pretty cool video that shows celebrities with and then without makeup. I still can not get over the first on of Diana Ross.

  • Posted by hoipeds  / Mar. 7, 2007

    Some dude gets a phone call while in the mens locker. Its a great prank he pulls on the caller till I started thinking it sounds a hell of a lot like my wife.

  • Posted by SuchGradeChecks  / Mar. 7, 2007

    This wooden spoon prank is quickly becoming my favorite gag of the year, its easy to pull off and the payoff is pretty hilarious. Try it on your friends, send us the video and make $400. Think of all the wooden spoons you can buy with that!

  • Posted by Illpete  / Mar. 7, 2007

    A full on brawl erupts at a Pop Warner football game and its not the players fighting, its the parents. Keep a close eye on the big guy in the red, he goes down hard.

  • Posted by bobcatvaulter  / Mar. 7, 2007

    Watch as this guys pole pretty much explodes right after he plants in the box (that happens to me all the time). Keep in mind those poles are made out of fiber glass, definitely could have caused some damage.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 7, 2007

    Break Gallery #127!!! Man it has been a crazy week in the world and weve got a ton of funny/insane pics to prove it. This week has taught me that elephants can play basketball, knees can break very easily oh and women still cant drive. Enjoy!

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 7, 2007

    This is actually a sidecar crash from 1996. Neither the driver Shane Soutar nor the passenger Adolf Hanni were seriously injured in the crash. I find that amazing having watch the way both of them hit that wall.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 8, 2007

    Yesterday an Indonesian airliner crashed due to a gust of wind. 118 passengers survived the crash. This is amateur footage taken just moments after the crash catching people escaping the wreckage.

  • Posted by chunkybunny  / Mar. 8, 2007

    This dude gets knocked out cold in a boxing fight but that doesnt keep him from throwing more punches. As he lays on the mat unconcious he still is tossing blows.

  • Posted by boburnham  / Mar. 8, 2007

    This kid named Bo Burnham could be the next Stephen Lynch, he sings a hilarious song about how his whole family thinks hes gay.