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  • Posted by boykie  / Sep. 22, 2006

    This is some pretty incredible footage of a helicopter crashing in the ocean. Just when you think theyre gonna be ok it takes a turn for the worse. I hope everyone was ok.

  • Posted by bluetahoe99  / Sep. 22, 2006

    Steve Irwin's 8 year old daughter Bindi reads a heartfelt tribute to her dad. If this doesn't make you tear up a bit, you might be a robot.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 22, 2006

    Steve0 and Chris Pontius were nice enough to sit down with us and answer a couple questions about the upcoming Jackass movie.

  • Posted by rskeaton  / Sep. 22, 2006

    A security camera caught some incredible footage of a grain truck getting train hit, litterally.

  • Posted by AllMixUp  / Sep. 23, 2006

    This is a great commercial about a kid who is sick of playing soccer by himself, so he does what it takes to get a partner.

  • Posted by Defcon_One  / Sep. 23, 2006

    While filming a music video the cameras rolled and the mics were on as Enrique Iglesias showed off his singing chops. So all I need is a mole and that voice and I can score Anna? I can pull that off.

  • Posted by poykpac  / Sep. 23, 2006

    Terrorists are everywhere and they hate our freedom. But with all those video tapes they send out, they're bound to make a couple bloopers.

  • Posted by bluetahoe99  / Sep. 23, 2006

    Some of those Fox news women are just total foxes. Can you blame this guy for wanting to tip this Fox fox?

  • Posted by thahustla21  / Sep. 24, 2006

    Here's some pretty sweet live footage of a couple Army guys doing what they do best in Iraq. Its so cool to watch this all happen from the front line.

  • Posted by oscilator  / Sep. 25, 2006

    Check out this toddler rocking out to the new Hatebreed album.. He's got metal in his veins...

  • Posted by cowhead32  / Sep. 25, 2006

    Fox News recently interviewed Bill Clinton. This is a short clip from that interview in which Bill Clinton becomes enraged with one of the questions.

  • Posted by J_MAN7  / Sep. 25, 2006

    A couple goes walking by two troublemakers in a park when suddenly one of them punches the guys girlfried. The boyfriend ends up whoopin both of their asses.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 25, 2006

    I dont know why I always find this funny. But here yet again are two turtles showing their affection for one another.

  • Posted by Bacon12345  / Sep. 25, 2006

    A bunch of guys attempt to launch a model rocket. Not sure the launch could of gone any worse for the guy in the back.

  • Posted by Ruffy82  / Sep. 26, 2006

    A city has a flash flood and one of the streets is about 5 feet under water. Doesnt stop this chick from trying to drive her compact car straight on through.

  • Posted by l3rian  / Sep. 26, 2006

    This guy came home to his dorm drunk one night, after passing out and getting drawn on he wakes up. His friends wanted to do a little drunk interview but this guy had other plans.

  • Posted by skh11274  / Sep. 26, 2006

    Full auto Glock and MP-5 blast 35 rounds each.With bonus 25 rounds out of a race gun with 2 fast mag changes. Perfect for hunting quail.

  • Posted by truthcommission  / Sep. 26, 2006

    Michael Simko attacks Don St.Denis at the Glass City 200 with a flying dropkick through the windshield.

  • Posted by eastcoastL7  / Sep. 26, 2006

    Skier decides it would be a great idea to try to ski backwards off the jump. Where could this possibly go wrong?

  • Posted by angus_rocks  / Sep. 26, 2006

    This clip has been getting a lot of press today. Senator Boxer slams the Fox News network sarcastically calling them fair and balanced.

  • Posted by theduke007  / Sep. 27, 2006

    Funny response from Shawn White after stating he was served drinks on the plane ride home after winning the gold medal.

  • Posted by ou81to  / Sep. 27, 2006

    This is a cute. A toddler probably no more than 4 years old climbs up the front of a refrigerator and sits on the top.

  • Posted by ReverendRobbson  / Sep. 27, 2006

    This guy has found a cheap way to remove pesky body hair so you dont have to pay all that money for a wax job. All you need is a lighter, a can of Axe and a friend you trust really well.

  • Posted by Hanford  / Sep. 27, 2006

    Listen to what Casey's Motto is during the reading of his bio during H.S. Homecoming. Keep in mind that this is read with the school's teachers, staff, parents, and student body in attendence

  • Posted by BaratsAndBereta  / Sep. 27, 2006

    Barats and Bereta compete for a girl by seeing who has the smoothest line. Ha ha some of the lines they drop are hilarious, I'll definitely be using them this weekend!