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  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 1, 2006

    This guy is having his buddy tape him while out on his first ride on a new bike. As they start to make a slight turn he loses control and rams into a brick wall.

  • Posted by jelleoelle  / Sep. 1, 2006

    He may be a baby but he's also a master kung fu martial artist. Get him his minced carrots or prepare for pain.

  • Posted by Landozine  / Sep. 1, 2006

    Two girls dancing on a bed to the spice girls. The girl on the left is really into the song, so much so that she takes a nasty dive off the edge of the bed.

  • Posted by Trillebaard  / Sep. 2, 2006

    This is exactly why I'm always saying you shouldn't play chicken with a tank. Especially a tank that can go 25 miles per hour or more. When will people learn?

  • Posted by fardo007  / Sep. 2, 2006

    What was going through this kids brain when he decided to send this little gem out to the world? This is exactly what Al Gore had in mind when he invented the internet. Thank you DARPA!

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 2, 2006

    Pretty cool trick. This kid learned to tie his shoe by simply moving his foot.

  • Posted by trowzer  / Sep. 3, 2006

    This is a dog that couldn't get enough of the job site. So we taught him a little trick. That is one cool dog!

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 3, 2006

    Its definetly been long enough. I believe Team Fortress came out around 1999. Now about 7 years later part 2. Based on the Half Life 2 engine this thing looks friggin awesome.

  • Posted by DazD  / Sep. 4, 2006

    Dont you love it when a company like Microsoft spends millions of dollars on a product that doesn't work? Watch as Microsoft introduces it's new voice recognition software.

  • Posted by cubeman  / Sep. 4, 2006

    This guy definitely has guts to ride his bike off that ramp. I think he definitely regrets it though.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 4, 2006

    By now you may have heard that Steve Irwin the Croc Hunter died today after being stabbed by a stingray. Here's a great tribute that someone made for Steve.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 5, 2006

    A guy suspects his roommate of stealing and places a camera in his room. Funny reaction when the roommate gets caught in the act.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 5, 2006

    This is an older video but I always get a kick out of it. A group of tigers invade a monkeys territory and he picks on them till they give up and leave.

  • Posted by yannick_131  / Sep. 5, 2006

    The White House has gone to some extreme measures to reach young people. Here is a rap video that they recently released to be more hip.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 5, 2006

    Lil George Bush and his schoolmates are not happy when they find out hot dog day has been replaced by falafel day.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 5, 2006

    Suri Cruise's first photos from Vanity Fair Magazine. It's been a long 4 months but we finally have pictures of baby Suri. Anyone have baby pics of Chris Klein? Not that we're implying anything.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 6, 2006

    Two girls face off in a slap off. Some of these shots looked pretty painful.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 6, 2006

    Great clip from the David Chappell show. He wonders what the world would be like if it was like the internet.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 6, 2006

    Well, I gurantee if you try this in a US airport youll be spending a few nights in jail at the very least. Still a pretty funny prank.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 6, 2006

    This is a cute video of a baby panda bear sneezing and scaring the crap out of his mom.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 6, 2006

    This is a great prank done in the middle of a mall. People are asked to participate in a taste test and then quietly remove the table leaving them alone in the mall blindfolded.

  • Posted by Staff  / Sep. 6, 2006

    Steve-O Here: brbr Wow, do I have an assload of news for you. Get this! Jackass: Number Two opens on 9/22 and I have another movie and my own TV show coming out this fall. My new Sneaux shoes commercials are already on the air, and I'll be on Leno on 9/21! I've got a new Steve-O World Tour launching in January, and a record deal in the works to record a Steve-O comedy gangsta rap album. Haha! Everything's going great, get ready to see me everywhere! Yeah dudes, Steve-O

  • Posted by Zhahn_Doe  / Sep. 6, 2006

    Check out Aaron Fotheringham doing some SICK tricks in his wheelchair! The first backflip in a wheelchair, and the kid is not even 18 yet!