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  • Posted by j_mair  / Oct. 1, 2006

    Skateboarding and sliding are both very fun activities. I wonder if the combination of both would be as entertaining.

  • Posted by Kriptonic  / Oct. 1, 2006

    Here we have a Remote Control F-117 Steath Fighter Jet worth around $30,000, and it loses the canopy in flight causing the aerodynamics to go to hell. That's one way to hurt your pocket book.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 1, 2006

    Watch this unlucky shot. This is a professional tournament and this final shot was to win the game.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 1, 2006

    What happens when the knife in the paper bag magic trick goes wrong? Oh the anticipation alone made me cringe.

  • Posted by math321  / Oct. 2, 2006

    While scuba diving some dude felt a little too comfortable with sharks swimming around him and decided to try and kiss one. The shark rejects the kiss and bites the mans lips off.

  • Posted by Barnsworth  / Oct. 2, 2006

    This dude gets hit by a water ballon launched from a slingshot less then 35 feet away. Im surprised that he got out up so quick after the hit.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 2, 2006

    Hey Guys! We have a 10 Day special trivia challenge for all you smart-asses. How do you win? Send us an e-mail with: Your name, city, state, e-mail address & the CORRECT ANSWER to TRIVIA@BREAK.COM by 5:00 PM PST. We will randomly select a winner from the correct answers. What do you win? Your choice of a T-shirt from the Swag Store AND well announce your name on our site!! (See our Get Paid page for more details)

  • Posted by brostania  / Oct. 2, 2006

    I dont know where all these weird Indian movie clips are coming from lately but this one is pretty interesting. Here's is a very strange Indian interpretation of Michael Jackson's thriller.

  • Posted by sfhdrummer  / Oct. 2, 2006

    This Jackie Chan wannabe decides hes going to jump from one high perch onto the lockers below. Unfortunately all he does is prove yet again that white men cant jump.

  • Posted by bunion  / Oct. 2, 2006

    The problem with being a camera man is that you need to be in the line of fire to get that perfect shot. Being in the line of fire though sometimes you get wounded.

  • Posted by Antares15  / Oct. 3, 2006

    How about this for a bad day. This drivers truck overheats in a tunnel during heavy traffic causing his engine to catch on fire igniting his cargo...which is a bunch of military warheads.

  • Posted by bran12342  / Oct. 3, 2006

    File this video under things that will never happen to me. As guys check out at a local convenience store the assistant cashier flashes them. Sure, we know that it's part of a hidden camera show, but that still doesn't make it any less sexy. Not surprisingly, she left customers feeling much happier than they had been before entering the store. If we ran this convenience shop, she would win Employee of the Month for fourteen months in a row.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 3, 2006

    A dude calls in a phone-in game show and tries to pick up the host. Funny thing is I would say he succeeded.

  • Posted by greese  / Oct. 3, 2006

    Dont you hate it when your girlfriend can't figure out whether or not the milk is bad? I mean come on, do I have to help you with everything? I'm trying to watch the game!

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 3, 2006

    At a music festival in England this drunk guy gets dared to push the cops in the river. This takes some serious balls and some very fast legs to run away!

  • Posted by JTorch  / Oct. 3, 2006

    A couple of old bags beat each other with a couple of old bags. No my grandson is cuter!

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 4, 2006

    A bunch of soccer fans unhappy with some calls decide to jump the ref at midfield after the game.

  • Posted by tburnz  / Oct. 4, 2006

    Who would have thought that being towed by a car on an old treadmill would be a bad idea? For those who had any doubts, here is video proof.

  • Posted by superob  / Oct. 4, 2006

    How many beers do you have to drink before this becomes a really good idea? My guess is at least 12 Natty Lites.

  • Posted by Norco_punk  / Oct. 4, 2006

    This kid on a bike doesnt notice when his friend sneeks up behind him and drops a bunch of fire crackers under his bike. Priceless reaction.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 4, 2006

    This is hilarious. Its from the upcoming reality TV show House of Carters. Anyway, in the clip Nick Carter gets pissed off at his little brother and kicks the crap out of him behind a closed door.

  • Posted by Jeffrojeff  / Oct. 4, 2006

    This dude starts a Diet Coke/Mentos bomb but when its slow to go off he picks it up and tosses it to the ground. The impact causes it to explode right into his face.

  • Posted by DazD  / Oct. 5, 2006

    Some chick tries to ride a bike down a hill and through a playground. She made it down the hill ok but ends up wiping out and sliding headfirst into the corner of a pole.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 5, 2006

    The guy who played Biff in the Back to the Future movies sings a song to answer all the questions he gets asked every day by people on the street.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 5, 2006

    Is there a corellation between being a moron and taking big risks? It's one thing to do donuts and burnouts in an empty parking lot but this guy decides to do them in the middle of oncoming traffic.