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  • Posted by bear_green  / Jun. 24, 2006

    While driving through the streets of Panama City Florida, a guy gets jumped by a crowd of people. This guy gets beat down, which is exactly why I dont talk smack to angry crowds of people.

  • Posted by BamaBoy4  / Jun. 24, 2006

    This video is great. A car crushes a biker at a high speed and tosses the dude about 5 feet in the air. He literally bounces off the ground and starts running around the accident screaming that his bike is destroyed. I have no idea how he lived this let alone walked away unharmed.

  • Posted by helloexactly  / Jun. 25, 2006

    What should be a routine speeding ticket turns into a frightening experience for the driver. This cop woke up on the wrong sid of the bed.

  • Posted by Delusiondejavu  / Jun. 26, 2006

    The Canadian Idol competition is a bit less formal the the American Idol one. Check out this contestant as she farts for about 3 seconds to start off her song...and she seems very proud of that.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 26, 2006

    This is pretty funny. A soccer player faints on live TV during an interview. Later the team blamed this not on his head injury from 6 weeks ago but because he missed breakfast.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 26, 2006

    A race car tries to take a corner at a high speed and slides into a tree hitting it head on. Take a close look at the 2 guys standing about 10 feet from the tree. The debris from the crash knocks both of them back. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured in this crash.

  • Posted by halflife0506  / Jun. 26, 2006

    I still dont get how these guys get away with these types of pranks in Japan. These guys screw with people while they are in a sauna after a day on the slopes skiing.

  • Posted by slop3  / Jun. 26, 2006

    This guy named Fokka gets killed by some LAN dude and gets really pissed at his keyboard. He looks pretty surprised at his own strength.

  • Posted by arsibaba  / Jun. 26, 2006

    The uneasy relationship between superheroes is explored in this stop motion film starring Superman and Batman. It took the creators 5 and half hours to create this, using 1213 still frames and a budget of $15.23. This was wildly popular in our just submitted section, so if you dont like it dont blame us!

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 26, 2006

    A British Telcom customer goes absolutely insane on a telemarkter. Wow I know getting calls in the middle of dinner is annoying but I dont think I've ever gotten this mad.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 27, 2006

    This is a pretty cool race using ladders to climb up the side of a wall. I cant get over how fast these guys move. As dumb as this might sound its worth checking out.

  • Posted by mcromeo  / Jun. 27, 2006

    I know another rally crash. But you got to check this one out. The camera is in the car and as the guy takes a slight turn you can sense exactly where he loses control.

  • Posted by MrWrite0413  / Jun. 27, 2006

    This is pretty funny. Some guy taped his conversation with AOL tech support. They banned his account because he was sending emails for business purpose and AOL is for personal use only. At least the guy has a good reason to cancel when he calls customer service.

  • Posted by yannick_131  / Jun. 27, 2006

    These guys are awesome. These two guys lip sync to plain music. The dude on the left almost looks cartoonish with some of the facial expressions. You gotta check this one out.

  • Posted by lvlrSpencer  / Jun. 27, 2006

    This Granny from America's Got Talent definitely knows how to spit rhymes. On her next single she disses The Notorious Gertie from Long Beach California. I smell an east coast west coast rap war, get out your cookie sheets!

  • Posted by Tool2  / Jun. 27, 2006

    Girl on Maury Povich has a completely irrational fear of pickles (make your own joke). I love how the Maury school of therapy thinks the best way to over come a fear is to pretty much drown the person in whatever they are afraid of until they crack and get over it.

  • Posted by Borck1225  / Jun. 27, 2006

    This animation will ring true for anyone who works in a cubicle, especially at around 2pm on office burrito day. I got moved into the conference room for this exact reason.

  • Posted by Canucks19  / Jun. 27, 2006

    This girl is probably the most flexible and coordinated person I've ever seen. Stay tuned to the end where she loads a bow and arrow with her feet and fires it at a balloon 20 feet away with precision accuracy.

  • Posted by Canucks19  / Jun. 28, 2006

    Alright, I am completely stumped on this one. Criss Angel walks across the a pool on top of the water. Any ideas how he pulled this one off.

  • Posted by Canucks19  / Jun. 28, 2006

    This is pretty funny. Some news reporter is trying to record a quick segment and the owner of a bar just wants to be part of it. After three takes she runs after the dude.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 28, 2006

    Some dude jumps in a BMW and gets up to 160MPH on the highway in the middle of the day with pretty heavy traffic. I sat there waiting for the big accident but it never happenend.

  • Posted by Samurai5764  / Jun. 28, 2006! The Venom suit, Sandman, and Harry Osbourne! This movie is going to be awesome.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 28, 2006

    Minor League manager of Asheville Tourists goes insane kicking and screaming during a game in Lexington Ky. Wow I love when coaches make the home plate dirty as if thats some big deal.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 28, 2006

    Break Gallery 88!!! Three different cars get brutally totalled, the nerdiest accessories ever and planes in the middle of a sonic boom.

  • Posted by FastTrack  / Jun. 29, 2006

    A dude is trying to outrun the cops and goes the wrong way on the offramp. He ends up hitting a mother and her baby (who are both fine). Watch how fast he runs towards the cops and away from the furious mother.

  • Posted by Canucks19  / Jun. 29, 2006

    This is a high speed downhill rollerblade race. Two guys blind one of the girls view of the course as they take a corner around some hay. The girl hits the hay at a high speed causing a bad wipeout.