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  • Posted by boomerang99  / Jun. 13, 2006

    Some dude is drunk and inside a cafe naked. The cops come to arrest him and he tries to argue his way out of it. I think we have all have had a buddy get this drunk before and if you havent then your probably the buddy.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 13, 2006

    It's summer finally and everyone's looking for ways to beat the heat. Here's a really brilliant guy. He's found a way to cool off and get clean all at once. I always get premium because then they wax your under carriage.

  • Posted by zakiechan  / Jun. 13, 2006

    If you ever played Goldeneye on N64 then you'll probably find this live action recreation pretty funny. If you never played Goldeneye, what was it like growing up in Communist China?

  • Posted by Maximilious  / Jun. 13, 2006

    Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail Camelot song reproduced with Legos! Gotta give this guy some serious props for making this. Really well done!

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 13, 2006

    This guy tried to outrun the cops. When they finally catch him he not only gets T-boned by a cop car but he is also given 11 life sentences.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 14, 2006

    This is a compilation of about 10 of the greatest goals ever scored. Some of these shots are amazing. I love how pissed off the goalie gets at himself in the end.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 14, 2006

    I dont know much about this show but you got to check out this monkey. While a guest of the show closes their eyes the monkey jumps up and grabs both her boobs and then kisses her. Watch the monkeys reaction after the kiss.

  • Posted by bluetahoe99  / Jun. 14, 2006

    The latest life changing invention from Apple: The Ipad for women. Please dont ask them how it works.

  • Posted by Tantheman21  / Jun. 14, 2006

    This is seriously the coolest goal I've ever seen in hockey. If stuff like this keeps happening I might have to start watching hockey again.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 14, 2006

    At one point or another most of us have had to experience the impossible task of cancelling AOL. This guy records his experience in customer service hell, it's really unbelievable. Sorry about the blimps, we needed something to play over the audio.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 14, 2006

    Break Gallery 86!!! Some gorgeous World Cup fans, a bunch of owned drunks and the donkey punch. What more could you want?

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 15, 2006

    During a Rose Garden media briefing George Bush accidentally took a shot at a blind reporter for wearing shades while addressing the President. Bush has since called Peter Wallsten and appolgized for the incident.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 15, 2006

    I thought this was pretty cool. Some dude takes a bowl full of liquid nitrogen and tosses it into a hotel pool.

  • Posted by eastcoastL7  / Jun. 15, 2006

    A skier builds up some momentum by being dragged by a snow mobile up to a 70 foot jump. He gets some great air but that doesnt last very long.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 15, 2006

    This is quickly becoming my favorite prank in a while. It's so easy to pull off and you can get so many people at once. Tell everyone they need to line up against the wall for a photo and while they're saying cheese....

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 15, 2006

    Has your car been running a little bumpy lately? Has your engine been giving off a strange odor? Well you might need an oil change or your could have a dead cat stuck in your fan belt. Warning: Graphic at the end.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 15, 2006

    I actually attempted to build an RC plane once. They cost hundreds of dollars and take many hours to assemple. I feel this guys pain as he flies his plane into some electrical lines and watches it explode into flames.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 15, 2006

    This is a short clip of a standup routine of Sarah Silverman (girlfriend of Jimmy Kimmel). Its from her Jesus is Magic DVD. She doesnt look like it but even truck drivers could find some of her stuff offensive.

  • Posted by FastTrack  / Jun. 16, 2006

    Imagine being the dude in second place and just before the finish line you see the leader wipe out. You probably think you got it locked up only to follow with the exact wipe out.

  • Posted by dermott  / Jun. 16, 2006

    Today would have been Tupac's 35th birthday so I thought it was a good time to post this video that has been floating around the net a while. It's clearly a set up but damn that guy looks just like him. Can this be real?

  • Posted by boggie26  / Jun. 16, 2006

    Why step over a fence when you can swing your self in the air and do a back flip over it? He doesn't get it on the first try. Second try he gets a little closer... Finally third try he lands it with the grace of Michelle Kwan.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 17, 2006

    Up until half way through this video I thought it was an actual Nike Commercial. Its surprisingly well done for a simple spoof.

  • Posted by fooj  / Jun. 17, 2006

    Three bikers are out crusin the streets. After riding over a small hill two guys do their best to pop front wheelies but fail. The third dude still hasnt learned how to hit the brakes and wipes out.

  • Posted by internetmstr  / Jun. 17, 2006

    I dont think my schoolbus could do this. Remember how the farther back on the bus you sat the cooler you were? Ya probably not the case here.

  • Posted by Phildo197  / Jun. 17, 2006

    Man this guy puts the last human can opener we posted to shame. Seriously dude that's an impressive skill, you should go pro.

  • Posted by bradV  / Jun. 18, 2006

    Langley Air Force Base masters of the air. Pretty awesome air show footage, the part with the napalm is awesome.

  • Posted by vcjester  / Jun. 18, 2006

    How about this for a wedding crasher. Some groom carries his bride down a street while a truck not paying attention rams into traffic.

  • Posted by misteraric005  / Jun. 18, 2006

    This is amazing. I have no clue how he pulled this trick off. Any ideas please post it in the comment section.