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  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 1, 2006

    The odds of this happening must be out of this world. This poor kid takes his pet mouse outside to enjoy some sun. Apparently a hawk was just standing by to pounce.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 2, 2006

    This kid tries to do a trick on his chair and ends up pushing it through their glass door. Funny how he picks the chair up then leaves the room like no one is going to notice.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 2, 2006

    WARNING: This video is very graphic. A motorcycle rider was doing some pretty sweet tricks on his bike. He wipes out on one of the tricks and severely breaks his leg. The dude with the camera runs at top speed (1.5 MPH) to his buddies aid and shows a close up of the break. If anyone knows this guy I am very interested in the current condition of his leg. Please post any info in the comments area.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 2, 2006

    Somehow a skier fell out of his chair while riding a ski lift but luckily was able to grab the sidebar of the chair. As he hangs there everyone kinda just looks on offering no signs of help until he finally lets go and falls about 30 feet into the snow.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 3, 2006

    Usually you have to buy her some kibbles and take her to the dog park before you can do this. This dog needs to get out more often or at least needs a buddy to work out some energy.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 3, 2006

    This guy just got a brand new dirt bike and he cant wait to show it off for his friends. What better way to show them how awesome your bike is than by doing a sweet wheelie.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 3, 2006

    Shocking video of a group of people play poker with a raging bull in the arena. The rules of the game are the last one to leave the table gets the pot.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 3, 2006

    I got to be guessing fake here but that slow motion replay sure gives me a lot to believe it is real. What I dont get is if the dude completely misses the target the first time why the heck would you let him try again.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 4, 2006

    Check out this video from the on-board camera of a jet that collides with another jet. I hope everyone was ok.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 4, 2006

    This is hilarious. Some dude pays to be flown around in an F1 fighter jet. Everytime the pilot gets a high G Force the passenger passes out.

  • Posted by xxpyro33  / Jun. 5, 2006

    This wrestler is a bad loser. After getting owned in the ring he stands up and cheap shots his opponent with a head butt. The referee steps in and he does another head butt and this one knocks the ref out cold.

  • Posted by Dothewap  / Jun. 5, 2006

    Hilarious interview with George Bush talking about the US stepping up our efforts to increase border patrol with Mexico. Keep a close eye on the fence in the background during the interview.

  • Posted by nscapecod  / Jun. 5, 2006

    Last year was the summer of the shark attack. This year we may have a new epidemic: Squirrels attacking toddlers. Hide your babies, lock your windows. We'll get through this!

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 5, 2006

    Alright, if I had to choose which one I wanted to fight I am still picking the friggin Mongoose. Nice to see the little guy able to pull off the win though. Please note this demonstration was to show how a Mongoose can defend itself against a Cobra and no animals were injured during this video.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 5, 2006

    On an empty street this guy tries to show off his car to his buddies. After spinning out for less than 3 seconds a cop pulls around the corner and arrests him.

  • Posted by Sjef_r  / Jun. 5, 2006

    Whenever I play video games online I imagine the person kicking my butt as an 8 year old kid who still wets the bed. Well now I know that person owning me might actually be an 80 year old grandmother who still wets the bed. Shouldnt she be baking cookies?

  • Posted by Anger42  / Jun. 5, 2006

    It's never a good idea to cheat on a boyfriend who owns lots of guns. This video proves it's especially not smart to cheat on your NRA boyfriend who also happens to be paying for your car. Have fun walking to work, and home from your new boyfriend's house.

  • Posted by STREETOWNER  / Jun. 6, 2006

    Ok this kid deserves some of the blame for our latest trampoline accident. After all he did decide it would be a good idea to jump from the roof of his house. I love it how after he bounces up he has enough time to process and express the fact that he's about to be in a ton of pain.

  • Posted by txchicano  / Jun. 6, 2006

    Crash at a national road race in Arkansas. One newbie gets scared and takes out the field at over 35mph...carnage. Stay tuned for the slow motion action.

  • Posted by Rgreenspoon  / Jun. 6, 2006

    A Hockey player has a fast break with a wide open goal and somehow is able to scew it up. This is why you never hot shot. I dont care how big of a gimme it may seem it doesnt count until it hits the net.

  • Posted by robz0r  / Jun. 6, 2006

    This video is hilarious. The kid must be one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. The little guy keeps nodding off only to wake up smiling and laughing each time.

  • Posted by Zoidnerd  / Jun. 7, 2006

    Alright, I give this dude credit. He probably spent hundreds and hundreds of hours mastering this game and it is cool to watch him in action. But now what. He is the undisputed king of falling blocks, big deal! Just think if he would of devouted all that time and energy into Halo 2. Now that would of been something he could of bragged about.

  • Posted by jymbone  / Jun. 7, 2006

    This guy lays down on the ground and lets his buddy drive a golf ball off his teeth. I think they may of spent a little too much time at the 19th hole.

  • Posted by frymyburgers  / Jun. 7, 2006

    What starts out as a fight between two girls turns into an all out brawl between a bunch of girls. Girls fight so funny, they start and stop and start and stop, they switch oppoents randomly. Three rules to fighting: Pick one opponent and stick with it, you cant take a break and there's no crying in baseball.

  • Posted by peptob  / Jun. 7, 2006

    Hilarious Japanese game show subjects contestants to fear factor challenges. Whats so hilarious about that? The whole contest takes place in a library so while they're getting slapped and being forced to eat an ice cream cone of wasabi they cant scream or cry at all. Brilliant.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 7, 2006

    Some local news channel gets pranked when a couple kids steal the standard traffic image and replace it with their own custom image.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 7, 2006

    A referee tries to break up a boxing match and as he pushes on of the boxers away the other mistakenly throws a wild punch knockin the ref out cold. Remember guys any original sports clips posted in June get $500.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 7, 2006

    Break Gallery 85!!! This week's collection of the funniest and coolest pictures on the net. Make sure you see the amazing 7 star hotel in Dubai, a guy with huge biceps, a gross finger and much more!

  • Posted by Staff  / Jun. 8, 2006

    Well, here is a good start to a marriage. At the wedding a security camera catches the bride making out with the best man. The groom starts to walk up on them and just before he sees them the best man runs off.