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  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 19, 2006

    Somebody tosses a mirror over the fence at a zoo and a monkey picks it up. Watch him scare himself when he turns it over and sees his reflection.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 19, 2006

    Awesome video of the game pong recreated with people in stop motion. I cant imagine how many hours this took to make. Really good job!

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 19, 2006

    I dont know if these are the same people from the Pong video but this is just as cool. A group of people recreate the classic game Space Invaders using stop motion and people.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 19, 2006

    First let me say that if you aren't a fan of Clerks or Kevin Smith then this audio wont interest you. But if you are you may have heard that Good Morning America's film reviewer Joel Siegel stormed out of a screening of Clerks 2 yelling obscenities and generally being a nuisance. This morning Smith got to confront Siegel on the Opie & Anthony and pretty much makes him look like a fool.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 19, 2006

    Break Gallery 91!!! This weeks funniest and coolest pictures from the net and your submissions. Featuring the coolest speakers ever, a pillow for lonely guys and much more!

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 20, 2006

    A kangaroo jumps over a fence and onto a race track during a race. The little fella dodges just barely dodges some high speed cars.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 20, 2006

    A school bus driver has a seizure while driving on a busy road and his foot floors the gas pedal. Some kid from the back of the bus walks up to the front and hits the brake. Watch the poor kid in the back of the bus as they hit a bump in the road.

  • Posted by DieKnowMyte  / Jul. 20, 2006

    This guy bets his friend that if he places a nickel in the middle of the pool table he'll be able to sink to hit two balls in the pocket. Do you think he can do it?

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 20, 2006

    Dont you love it when you're buying beer and a hot chick just walks right up to you and wants to party? That happens to me all the time.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 21, 2006

    This is so old yet its still one of my all time favorites. We posted this standup of Robin Williams talking about golf about 2 years ago and I still laugh when I watch it. If youve never seen it you got to check it out.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 21, 2006

    This is a pretty cool clip of about a dozen or so skiing accidents. Some of these crashes are pretty nasty.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 21, 2006

    This is pretty funny. The Hawk Mascot challenges some kids to a dance off. The Hawk does a move and then the kids try to copy it. One of the kids finally has enough, pushes the mascot down, and then busts into his own moves.

  • Posted by AceKing  / Jul. 21, 2006

    I cant believe this guy gets away with this stuff. Busting in on a Mosque and interupting them while they pray is horrible. This has to be a set up.

  • Posted by ontarioboy  / Jul. 21, 2006

    These guys have just been crowned kings of beer pong after a long battle with their arch enemies. Now that they are the champions it's time to celebrate!

  • Posted by Shakezpeare  / Jul. 21, 2006

    I'm pretty sure that this has been posted before but I haven't seen it in a really long time. Classic footage of California Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about the pleasure he gets from working out.

    More related content from ScreenJunkies: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Movie Commentary is Way More Entertaining Than His Movies - "I wish there was a button on my computer that let me write with an Arnold Schwarzeneggeraccent. Sadly, the technology just isn’t there yet, so please just run a loop of Arnie quotes through your head as you read this."

  • Posted by bjpstl1978  / Jul. 21, 2006

    Wednesday a huge storm moved through St. Louis. Here's footage from the Cardinals game at Busch Stadium during the storm. People take cover inside but some lady decides to pass in front of the breezeway at the wrong moment.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 22, 2006

    Damn! Dont mess with that girl she'll put you in a wheelchair. Thats what you get for not inviting her to your super sweet sixteen.

  • Posted by traveyb  / Jul. 22, 2006

    This guy snorts an entire egg yoke through a straw up his nose. Damn I think he blew an artery. Careful that can be really addictive, dont want to become a total egg head.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 22, 2006

    CNBC reports that Pirates of the Caribbean had the best 3 day weekend of any other movie surpassing even Aquaman which grossed 120 million. Anybody ever hear of Aquaman?

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 22, 2006

    Some crazy dude walks over 16 lanes of highway traffic and by some small miracle makes it all the way to the shoulder. Too bad some dude was riding it and nails him.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 23, 2006

    This is my favorite video in the last few weeks. These guys grab some pledge, a pug dog, 10 plastic bowling pins, and a laser pointer and have a game of Pug bowling. You gotta check this one out its hilarious.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 23, 2006

    This is a pretty funny. Some dude is home alone when his girlfriend walks in and busts him.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 24, 2006

    Remember that crazy lady who made a fool of herself on Fox News? Well guess what her husband is just as crazy and especially hates gay people. Watch as this reporter attempts to make a pass at crazy old Fred at one of his protests.

  • Posted by tjasielski  / Jul. 24, 2006

    This video is hilarious, a group of construction workers dug a huge hole in the middle of a popular bike path, filled it with water and covered it all with a think layer of leaves. Watch as unsuspecting joggers and bikers get wet! Watch the best pranks.

  • Posted by zonacats23  / Jul. 24, 2006

    Kyle wants to ask Amy to prom. Before going to her house to give her flowers and ask her officially he calls Amy and tells her that he has decided to go with someone else. The prank back fires when Kyles friends fill Amy in on the gag and even arrange for her to have another boy over when Kyle shows up.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 25, 2006

    Check out this dude wipeout. As he skids across the pavement you can see the fuel from his gas tank scatter into the air. Just when he comes to a stop the fuel ignites causing a huge explosion.