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  • Posted by Simba66  / Dec. 10, 2006

    Pretty clever way to cheat your friend out of $10. I tried this on a friend at lunch the other day and it actually worked. People can be so stupid sometimes.

  • Posted by zackdotcom  / Dec. 10, 2006

    Zack Kahn's deleted scene from the movie SAW. I know some people didn't get his other videos but give this one a shot, people in just submitted really liked it and I was laughing the whole time, especially the part with the rubber chicken.

  • Posted by WHATADEGO  / Dec. 10, 2006

    I know this seemed like a fool proof idea at the time but somehow holding onto a motorcycle while you ride a skateboard went wrong.

  • Posted by dennisroelofs  / Dec. 10, 2006

    This dude lets his buddies shoot over 300 paintballs at him from about 15 feet without wearning a shirt. Check out the pics from afterward showing the damage.

  • Posted by moye55  / Dec. 11, 2006

    I thought this video was pretty cool. This dude shows how to kill all the visitors in Roller Coaster Tycoon.

  • Posted by bones106x  / Dec. 11, 2006

    A woman is walking across a parking lot when a car decides to pull out of a spot and ends up running the lady over.

  • Posted by theo52484  / Dec. 11, 2006

    I can pretty much gurantee this is the lowest youll ever see a 747 fly without crashing or landing. The plane literally comes within feet of touching the ground.

  • Posted by nho31655  / Dec. 11, 2006

    The dude on the left hits top speed before sailing into a concrete wall. Watch as he hits the wall his car immediately explodes. How he is able to walk away from this crash is simply amazing.

  • Posted by Eeda  / Dec. 11, 2006

    Alright, this is kinda gross but we have been told the cow lives a completely normal life with the exception of this large hole in his side.

  • Posted by Staff  / Dec. 11, 2006

    We thought we were going to make a great drunk prank video. We were wrong. The party at Daniel’s house got a little out of hand, and we decided to pull a little joke on him. We forgot that his father is a super scientist and stole the rubber bands from his basement lab. We never did see Daniel again after this night. He was super smashed and we assume he began a new life where ever it was that he landed. I do know that we will think twice before we ever pull a drunken prank like this again.

  • Posted by WHATADEGO  / Dec. 11, 2006

    Who needs a band to back you up when god has given you all the instruments you need to make beautiful music.

  • Posted by VideoMathTutor  / Dec. 12, 2006

    This guy shows how to complete an algebra math problem. As boring as that might seem I thought the ending was pretty funny.

  • Posted by helloexactly  / Dec. 12, 2006

    It looks like this Asimo had a bit too much to drink before he took the stage for this exhibition. When they get it back on its feet they should make it walk a straight line and do the alphabet backwards.

  • Posted by Staff  / Dec. 12, 2006

    Pauly Shore gets knocked out by a heckler during a set in Odessa Texas. I wonder what pissed this guy off so bad. Maybe he thought Pauly owed him $50 for Biodome, In The Army Now, Son In Law, Encino Man and Jury Duty.

  • Posted by Adam1100  / Dec. 12, 2006

    Some noob jumper tries to jump off a short bridge and roll into the landing but insteads hits the ground and smashes his head against a large rock.

  • Posted by Staff  / Dec. 13, 2006

    This clip is a few years old. Dan Marino stumbles over some lines and gets pissed off about it and pounds on his desk.

  • Posted by yausa  / Dec. 13, 2006

    Joe Rogan absolutely punishes a female heckler who yaps at him during his set. I guess comedian vs heckler videos are the hot thing right now, just waiting for Screech to be next. He'll probably run into the audience and give the heckler a dirty sanchez.

  • Posted by Staff  / Dec. 13, 2006

    Break Gallery 115!!! Saddle up everybody and hold on. There's a plenty of weird and unusual going on here.

  • Posted by Staff  / Dec. 13, 2006

    She can't sing but she sure does look good.