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  • Posted by the_shizalator  / Aug. 18, 2006

    Ok this is one for you liberals, but whatever you're political beliefs are you have to admit that whoever created this is an wizz with an editing program. It's worth watching just to see how flawless this sounds.

  • Posted by valcat  / Aug. 18, 2006

    Ok this is awesome, a bunch of motocross riders enter the sphere and ride around. I saw this a long time ago at the circus and it was so cool. These guys are real dare devils.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 18, 2006

    This is a clip from the German version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. The software malfunctions and starts blinking the correct answer to the question.

  • Posted by eLp619  / Aug. 19, 2006

    This guy has some serious talent. What's holding this guy back from being the next Tommy Lee? We should have a contest for the best street performer in the world.

  • Posted by Landozine  / Aug. 19, 2006

    This guy tries to grind a rail on his BMX and guesss what? He doesn't land it. What did you expect...Great reaction though, that must have hurt.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 19, 2006

    Some dude goes out tubing with his buddies. The driver makes a fast turn with the boat and his tube flips on its side. The guy ends up landing the flip perfectly and then finished up his ride.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 19, 2006

    This is impressive. A group of six wrestlers demo a house completely to the ground using nothing but their hands.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 20, 2006

    Tramm Hudson is running against Katherine Harris for the state senator in Florida. For months the two have been planning their campaign strategies. In less the 30 seconds Tramm demonstrates how to gurantee a loss when running for public office.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 20, 2006

    This is a pretty cool experiment. A dude lights a candle inside a microwave then places a glass jar over the candle. Check out what happens when the microwave turns on. He ended up blowing the circuit board costing him about a hundred and fifty bucks but for 5 seconds that looked pretty cool.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 21, 2006

    This is a pretty cool video. Cops are chasing down a car. During the entire clip I was waiting to see the guy turn off his lights and disappear and thats the ghost car. Was surprised to see the ending and still cant figure out how he did it.

  • Posted by jukklore  / Aug. 21, 2006

    We've all heard someone page their friends over the loud speakers at a casino shopping center. This guy asks the front desk to page his friend. He had the whole Casino in stitches.

  • Posted by DatelineHollywood  / Aug. 21, 2006

    Samuel L. Jackson and his co-stars talk to clueless film critic and red carpet reporter Woody Wittman at the premiere of Snakes on a Plane. This guy has some pretty funny lines. Gosh there are a lot of these darn snakes on this plane.

  • Posted by vinniemax  / Aug. 21, 2006

    This guy gets knocked out hard during a kickboxing tournament in Ohio. That great part is that it looks like he's falling in slow motion.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 22, 2006

    Some dude takes aim at his buddies back with a potato gun from less than 15 feet. Even with a bunch of padding the potato knocks the wind out of him.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 22, 2006

    Typically, when people drink water this fast they call it drowning. Pretty impressive to see this guy down a liter of water in less than 5 seconds.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 23, 2006

    Some dude takes a shot with his buddy defending. The shot hits the side of the goal and ricochets off the post straight into his friends face.

  • Posted by bigbadjewdodaddy  / Aug. 23, 2006

    This is a hilarious clip from a roast for Emmit Smith. Comedian Doug Williams bombs about 4 jokes in a row when Jamie Fox finally jumps in and just rips Doug to shreds.

  • Posted by jasperpope  / Aug. 23, 2006

    I hear wakeskating is the hardest of the wake water sports. What are the odds that this guy Kodi will be able clear the entire water trampoline after getting towed full speed? Gutsy move, better luck next time!

  • Posted by felipe1788  / Aug. 23, 2006

    I dont know where this is but it appears to be some sort of Gymnastics event where a guy tosses a girl in the air. The girl is supposed to do a double flip then land on her feet. She got half right.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 24, 2006

    Some dude is having his buddy taping him ghost riding his car in his neighborhood. A guy walking down the street sees him and decides to steal his car.

  • Posted by Lpoolboy  / Aug. 24, 2006

    Ben Thatcher of Manchester City FC in the English Premiership totally ignores the ball (which was out of play) and tries to remove Pedro Mendes's head from his body. Mendes was knocked out cold and had a fit. He got away with it.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 25, 2006

    A group of bikers are racing close together when one of them loses control and takes out 2 others pushing them off a ledge.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 25, 2006

    Well, I didnt need to see the end of this but it is a funny clip.

  • Posted by josedoe  / Aug. 25, 2006

    A couple of Canadian red necks get into some road rage with a rich guy in a BMW Z4. Don't judge a book by its cover, just cause he drives a nice car doesn't mean he's soft.

  • Posted by Staff  / Aug. 26, 2006

    This was pretty funny. This chick gives a stupid answer to a question and the host has trouble finishing the question. The end is classic. He actually asks her sister how they made it on the show. Funny Family Feud video.