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  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 11, 2006

    Given all the stuff going on with in the news with Myspace, Hard Candy definitely puts a scary twist on meeting people through the internet. Might want to be careful next time you''re in a chat room trying to find a date.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 11, 2006

    I''ve got really good news. I just saved a bunch of money on dinner by eating this live gecko. This is so easy to do even a caveman could figure it out. Personally I prefer the roast duck with the mango salsa.

  • Posted by ecirfolip  / Apr. 11, 2006

    At a talent show a couple guys decide to perform one of the Spice Girls classics. All the dance moves are nicely choreographed except one. I dont think we'll be seeing these guys on MTV as the next boy band.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 12, 2006

    A gymnast attempts to do his routine but as he hits the springboard the board malfunctions launching him several feet into the air

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 12, 2006

    This is an incredible video of a lifeguard failing his marine firefighter test. After he pours gasoline on a boat it unexpectedly explodes. Watch closely as you can see him crawl out of the boat after the explosion.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 13, 2006

    I thought this was a pretty cool home made stop motion video. Its especially cool when you think about the fact that he filmed it by himself frame by frame without any help. This must have taken hours.

  • Posted by DangerBox  / Apr. 13, 2006

    What do you do when someone offers you a cigarette? You say no thanks. What do you do if they keep pressuring you? You walk away. What if when they''re pressuring you you''re in a moving car? Finally an anti smoking ad that answers the tough questions.

  • Posted by emotive  / Apr. 13, 2006

    Sara bails hard trying to grind the snowboard rail. This looks really painful, especially because shes not wearing a helmet and she pretty much takes a direct headshot. To be fair, earlier in the video she nailed this jump perfectly but that wasnt nearly as interesting to watch.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 13, 2006

    What's funnier than a guy whose Tourettes syndrome causes him to slap himself in the face uncontrollably? Opie and Anthony found it was a lot funnier if you filled his hands with honey, ketchup, frosting, pudding and eggs then watched him slap himself silly. Below is part one of this hilarious video, a href="" class="linkb"click here/a for part 2. Opie and Anthony also gave Break a huge plug on their XM Satellite Radio Show Thursday morning, check out the a href="" class="linkb"audio here/a.

  • Posted by andydidge  / Apr. 13, 2006

    These 150 year old tortoises are acting like they''re both still a couple of frisky 70 year olds! It's refreshing that they're not letting age hold them back in their platinum years. This is exactly why I stopped visiting the Galapagos Islands in the spring, you cant get that noise out of your head for weeks.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 14, 2006

    DEA Agent shoots himself in foot during gun safety demonstration .Ok let me first say that YES this is a repost. We posted it over a year ago however its all over the news and radio because the DEA agent in the video has recently filed a lawsuit against the government for releasing the video tape and humiliating him. I still think it was the best gun safety demonstration ever.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 15, 2006

    Just a little advice to remember. If your ever in a meeting at Motorola and a phone rings and you see Mike grabs for his!

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 15, 2006

    Well, I wanted to try to find some kinda of Easter video. I finally came up with this one. Its a video of a day in the life of Reggie the Easter Bunnies evil twin.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 16, 2006

    Ghetto Bungee jumping in the front yard. We''ve all been there before, when theres nothing to do on a Saturday so you improvise your own fun. This game is the negative result of Saturday boredom.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 16, 2006

    I dont really see what this has to do with the yellow pages but this is pretty funny commercial. I still cut my hair with a flobie I bought on QVC 5 years ago. It really sucks!

  • Posted by heff123  / Apr. 16, 2006

    The most important thing to remember when snowboarding is you gotta keep the tip up. If you dont get the front of your board up high enough this just might happen to you. Damn this must have hurt.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 17, 2006

    A Corvette rolls over and hits the wall during a drag race with a Viper. We are told the driver of the Corvette actually walked away from the accident.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 17, 2006

    We''ve all seen ton of people do a Michael Jackson impression but I must say comedian Jo Koy''s is one of the funniest. Jo and Nick Thune are currently headlining Breaks college comedy tour, click the picture in the announcement box to see if they''re coming to your school. You can also watch a live simulcast of their Boston University show on right here on Break, April 19th at 8pm EST.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 17, 2006

    This guys friends have all bet him $40 that he cant jump from one dock to the other. Judging from the picture the docks dont look too far apart. Maybe there was a heavy tail wind.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 18, 2006

    This is a pretty funny clip of a guy that is very excited about going to the gym and then shopping with his girlfriend. Check out some of the looks he gets from people.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 18, 2006

    A girl comes home to meet her boyfriends parents and learns that he is definetly still a little too attached to his mom.

  • Posted by Jiawei  / Apr. 18, 2006

    How is it possible that these first graders have more rhythm than me at age six? I''m just glad I'm not in that class because when it was my turn to dance the whole class would probably laugh me into a corner. Where did they pick up these moves? I''m definitely not watching the right cartoons.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 19, 2006

    In the middle of a cheerleading routine at a high school basketball game this girl gets a phone call and doesnt hesitate to answer it. The call doesnt keep her from missing a single step though.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 19, 2006

    This is a video from Hugh Hefners birthday party. Paris puts on lingerie and sings happy birthday to Hugh. Definetly worth seeing but you might want to turn the volume down a bit.

  • Posted by TheBread  / Apr. 20, 2006

    Break pickup line contest winner. Brian and Ross are walking away with a cool $500 courtesy of our friends at David Deangelos Double Your Dating. This is a hilarious video which actually went on for another three minutes. Maybe someday we''ll post the second half which is just as funny.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 20, 2006

    All I can say is thank god for those leather suits and controlled slides. How this guy is able to just get up and walk off like that is unbelievable. Pretty spectacular crash thankfully everyone was ok.

  • Posted by Special_K_311  / Apr. 20, 2006

    Ever notice how much time women spend drying their hair? Well this is a really good way to get back at them for all that time they''ve wasted that you''ll never get back. The best part is she just got out of the shower so she cant just shake it off, it''s stuck good.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 21, 2006

    Remember that backyard organized street fight from about a year ago where Kimbo Slice fights that guy and hits him so hard it looked like his eye had become dislodged? Kimbo looked undefeatable in the 2 min fight. Anyway, this Boston Police Officer Sean Gannon challenged him to another underground street fight after seeing the video. Both guys through blows non-stop for 10 minutes in one of the toughest and longest street fights Ive ever seen.