Page 1 Archives for July 2004

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 6, 2004

    Hey a two for one. We received both these pics from Danny of Vermont. One is an upskirt shot of Jessica Simpson in concert the second is Lindsay Lohan after she slipped on a dance floor.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 12, 2004

    I am not sure what type of dress she is wearing in the one but you can almost see right through the entire one side of it. Thanks again to Gary from Indiana for the new pics!

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 18, 2004

    This is a pic of Christina Aguilera on stage. It appears to be an upskirt shot. I dont believe this is a photoshop job but the clip is not zoomed in and it is hard to tell. Also, two nice pics of her from a recent magazine shoot.

  • Posted by Staff  / Jul. 26, 2004

    Well here is a good one. We all seen the balcony picture where Britney grabs her boyfriends crotch. In these 4 pics we see the back of Britneys head and then she disappears. Where do you think she went?