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Clever Capuchin Monkey Play Video

Clever Capuchin Monkey

13 months ago 140 0

A capuchin monkey uses a stone to crack nuts at Jaraguá Park, São Paulo.

Goat Blocking Door Play Video

Goat Blocking Door

13 months ago 113 0

Big pregnant mama goat cannot get through a door until she gets a push from...

Girl VS Duck Play Video

Girl VS Duck

13 months ago 237 0

Girl catches a flying duck.

Slurping Cat Play Video

Slurping Cat

13 months ago 584 0

Roman slurps his water.

Dog Shakes It Play Video

Dog Shakes It

13 months ago 471 1

Shake, shake, shake.

Surprise, Shark! Play Video

Surprise, Shark!

13 months ago 39,030 14

Nothing like suddenly seeing a large Tiger shark swim by while spear fishin...


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