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Man Vs. Rhino Play Video

Man Vs. Rhino

16 months ago 80,769 374

It takes big cojones to be a Discovery Channel cameraman.

Ping Pong Pussycat Play Video

Ping Pong Pussycat

16 months ago 47,525 261

Not really good at understanding how the net works though.

People Helping Animals Play Video

People Helping Animals

16 months ago 46,035 272

People from around the world saving the lives of animals in need.

Matrix Puppies Play Video

Matrix Puppies

16 months ago 3,512 3

It took 52 GoPro Cameras to create this Matrix effect!

Shark Cat On Roomba Play Video

Shark Cat On Roomba

16 months ago 79,839 213

Finally! The sharks respond to the Roomba cat.

Go Pro Eagle Cam Play Video

Go Pro Eagle Cam

16 months ago 81,503 1,509

Impressive that it can still fly properly with a camera rigged to its back.


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