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Dog Loves Meerkat Ad Play Video

Dog Loves Meerkat Ad

21 months ago 433 0

Roxy, the dog, is a great fan of the meerkat commercial.

Cat Vs Dog Wrestling Match Play Video

Cat Vs Dog Wrestling Match

21 months ago 3,123 6

Tough cat has the dog pinned for nearly the whole match in Round One.

Shark Bites Man's Hand Play Video

Shark Bites Man's Hand

21 months ago 16,105 0

The shark really didn't think this whole thing out. Sure he got his reveng...

No Water For You Play Video

No Water For You

21 months ago 4,920 2

Dog refuses to let a baby lion near his water bowl.

Sometimes Nature Just Sucks Play Video

Sometimes Nature Just Sucks

21 months ago 11,934 99

A fish sneaks up behind a mother duck and steals one of her ducklings when ...

Dog Pushes Baby Play Video

Dog Pushes Baby

21 months ago 1,038 5

This boxer pushes the baby away.

Possum Eating Apple Play Video

Possum Eating Apple

21 months ago 389 1

A good gentleman is sharing an apple with a cute possum.

Pug Fail Play Video

Pug Fail

21 months ago 1,149 0

Pug trying to catch light and falls off the bed.


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