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Human Tug Of War Play Video

Human Tug Of War

120 months ago 985,837

Take a couple of long bungee cords and attach them to two people who then r...

Icy Roads In Portland Play Video

Icy Roads In Portland

120 months ago 2,095,455

Amazing amateur video from a rooftop of the icy road conditions in Portlan...

Thief Gets Owned Play Video

Thief Gets Owned

120 months ago 1,088,162

Next time you see a truck load of cool stuff unattended you might want to l...

High Speed Crash On Highway Play Video

High Speed Crash On Highway

120 months ago 1,415,387

Check out this hi-speed accident caught from a traffic camera. Some dude t...

Girls Getting A Bikini Wax Play Video

Girls Getting A Bikini Wax

120 months ago 5,640,648

Guys we have got to admit we do have it easy. Here is a video of about 20 ...

Jeep Does Wheelies Play Video

Jeep Does Wheelies

120 months ago 847,574

This guy rides around doing wheelies in his Jeep. Is this rigged in a speci...

Cool Trick With Heavy Gas Play Video

Cool Trick With Heavy Gas

120 months ago 952,976

I am not sure what type of gas they poured into this box but its got to be ...

Catapult Skydiver Play Video

Catapult Skydiver

120 months ago 792,035

This dude creates a giant catapult using two huge cranes and launches himse...

We Know Its A Repost... Play Video

We Know Its A Repost...

120 months ago 1,493,539

But its just too funny not to show again. I really wish we could get Japane...

One Man Jam Band Play Video

One Man Jam Band

120 months ago 478,349

One of the guys who played the halo theme live uses a green screen to creat...

Little Drummer Boy Play Video

Little Drummer Boy

120 months ago 1,184,248

This kid is amazing. The bands drummer takes a break and lets this kid fil...

Dumb Woman At Gas Station Play Video

Dumb Woman At Gas Station

120 months ago 2,334,481

So this week we saw two examples of why women are bad at parking and now we...


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