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Bud Light Dude Play Video

Bud Light Dude

114 months ago 510,234

This guy has mastered the universal language of Dude. Join him as he naviga...

How To Play Nut Ball Play Video

How To Play Nut Ball

114 months ago 137,473

A couple guys demonstrate how to play a game of nut ball. The good thing a...

Soccer  Ball To The Face Play Video

Soccer Ball To The Face

114 months ago 411,512

Little kid takes a direct hit to the face with a soccer ball and has a hila...

Sidewalk Faceplant Play Video

Sidewalk Faceplant

114 months ago 142,781

This guy picks up some pretty nice speed and then bites it hard landing fac...

Dick Doodles Part 2 Play Video

Dick Doodles Part 2

114 months ago 296,977

Part two of the classic Dick Doodles video.

Invisible Rope Prank Part II Play Video

Invisible Rope Prank Part II

114 months ago 492,256

These guys took the rope idea from those guys that pranked cars and did it ...

Forklift Flips Maserati Play Video

Forklift Flips Maserati

114 months ago 439,756

Former Miss New Zealand Rachel Huljich parked her Maserati in a constructio...

Things Go From Bad To Worse Play Video

Things Go From Bad To Worse

114 months ago 589,556

Some drunk guy is minding his own business puking in the toilet when all of...


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