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Break Gallery CXXVII Play Video

Break Gallery CXXVII 86 months ago

Break Gallery #127!!! Man it has been a crazy week in the world and weve go...

Pole Vault Explosion Play Video

Pole Vault Explosion 86 months ago

Watch as this guys pole pretty much explodes right after he plants in the b...

Pop Warner Parents Brawl Play Video

Pop Warner Parents Brawl 86 months ago

A full on brawl erupts at a Pop Warner football game and its not the player...

New Wooden Spoon Prank Victim Play Video

New Wooden Spoon Prank Victim 86 months ago

This wooden spoon prank is quickly becoming my favorite gag of the year, it...

Funny Prank Phone Call Play Video

Funny Prank Phone Call 86 months ago

Some dude gets a phone call while in the mens locker. Its a great prank he...

Celebrities Without Makeup Play Video

Celebrities Without Makeup 86 months ago

Pretty cool video that shows celebrities with and then without makeup. I s...

Compilation of High FPS Clips Play Video

Compilation of High FPS Clips 86 months ago

I always like watching those high fps slow motion videos. This is a compil...

Fowl Mouthed Parrot Play Video

Fowl Mouthed Parrot 86 months ago

Meet Ruby the foul mouthed parrot. This parrot must have been hanging out w...

Amazing French Beat Boxer Play Video

Amazing French Beat Boxer 86 months ago

Looks like this is from an American Idol type show in France, one of the co...