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Douche Ups Play Video

Douche Ups

119 months ago 1,060,640

From the makers of Oral B brush ups come Douche Ups! Rip, slip, douche ahhh...

Roommate Text Message Prank Play Video

Roommate Text Message Prank

119 months ago 1,134,034

Guy uses computer to text his roommate a false message about drunk horny gi...

Dry Ice Nalgene Explosion Play Video

Dry Ice Nalgene Explosion

119 months ago 1,154,060

In an attempt to destroy an indestructible nalgene bottle, this guy uses it...

Dog Collar Around Neck Play Video

Dog Collar Around Neck

119 months ago 709,684

This guy decides to try out a dog shock collar. The outcome was pure comedy...

Zenith Rocket Sea Launch Play Video

Zenith Rocket Sea Launch

119 months ago 762,245

Sea Launch rocket carrying a commercial communications satellite exploded T...

Peta Sucks Play Video

Peta Sucks

119 months ago 582,585

This guy has a few words for PETA, apparently he's not a fan. What do you t...

How Not To Flip A Go Cart Play Video

How Not To Flip A Go Cart

119 months ago 1,096,691

That is not how the jump was supposed to go. Damn that looked very painful,...

Wheel Of Fortune Morons Play Video

Wheel Of Fortune Morons

119 months ago 1,329,097

On an episode of 'Teen Best Friends' Wheel of Fortune, two stupid girls scr...

Toll Booth Prank Play Video

Toll Booth Prank

119 months ago 1,084,498

This is a pretty funny prank. The best part of it is what he asks the toll...

Smokin Hot Barrel Play Video

Smokin Hot Barrel

119 months ago 1,760,048

This dude fires an AK47 until the barrel gets so hot that the metal actuall...

Kevin Federline Commercial Play Video

Kevin Federline Commercial

119 months ago 725,885

Check out this new Kevin Federline video he made for Nationwide! Not really...

Lucky Hang Glider Play Video

Lucky Hang Glider

119 months ago 726,426

If you were thinking about going hang gliding this weekend, you may want to...

Startled By Lightning Play Video

Startled By Lightning

119 months ago 881,539

This guy is quietly working on his bike when out of nowhere light strikes a...

Robot Arm Ride Play Video

Robot Arm Ride

119 months ago 1,293,917

This looks awesome. These guys hook up a chair to a robotic arm at their w...


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