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Raver Faceplant Play Video

Raver Faceplant

123 months ago 681,498 2,035,898

One thing you have to remember when you're on drugs is that no matter how g...

Ball Boy Scores A Goal Play Video

Ball Boy Scores A Goal

123 months ago 812,499 2

Watch this ball boy score a goal for his team by tossing an out of play bal...

Snow Sledding Accident Play Video

Snow Sledding Accident

123 months ago 585,030 1,558,695

Watch this dude wipe out big time when he lands on his head after taking a ...

Motorcycle Stunt Accident Play Video

Motorcycle Stunt Accident

123 months ago 548,834 240,394

If a motorcyclist crashes his bike and there isn't a crowd watching and a c...

Tree Branch Tarzan Play Video

Tree Branch Tarzan

123 months ago 390,608 83,642

This guy tries to do his best Tarzan impression by swinging from tree to tr...

Come On Down! Play Video

Come On Down!

123 months ago 483,466 28,954

Who doesn't dream of a day when their name is called and they get to run on...

Britney Gives Birth Play Video

Britney Gives Birth

123 months ago 309,924 2,575,866

Britney and KFed welcomed their second child into the world yesterday. Now ...

Waterslide Into Lake Play Video

Waterslide Into Lake

123 months ago 1,098,252 5

What could be better than sliding down a ridiculously awesome water slide? ...

Big Lake Bubble Play Video

Big Lake Bubble

123 months ago 412,607 609,982

Some guys in a boat create a big bubble and bounce it across a calm lake. ...

Bloodsport Mentos Commercial Play Video

Bloodsport Mentos Commercial

123 months ago 345,628 6

Someone has brilliantly taken footage from the classic Van Dam movie Bloods...

Gas Tank Explosion Play Video

Gas Tank Explosion

123 months ago 476,267 227,235

This is a video of my boss when he tried to cut a car in half. He obviously...

Paintball Bunker Launce Play Video

Paintball Bunker Launce

123 months ago 583,688 142,718

This kid sits on a half deflated bunker when his friend jumps on it. I dont...

Roommate Caught Dancing Play Video

Roommate Caught Dancing

123 months ago 420,120 173,998

College is starting back up again which is exciting because we get little e...

Dont Become A Lesbian Play Video

Dont Become A Lesbian

Here's another funny clip from Weeds where a mom explains to her daughter w...


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