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Skater Breaks Back Play Video

Skater Breaks Back

119 months ago 1,072,648

A skater named Winston Wardell sticks on this rail and falls breaking his b...

Newfoundland Frozen Waves Play Video

Newfoundland Frozen Waves

119 months ago 2,705,498

This strange weather phenomenon happened in Newfoundland where the waves we...

Mountain Biker Wipes Out Play Video

Mountain Biker Wipes Out

119 months ago 1,151,100

This might be the longest mountain biker crash I have ever seen. This guy ...

Box Prank Goes Horribly Wrong Play Video

Box Prank Goes Horribly Wrong

119 months ago 2,940,706

These guys start out pranking people at their local shopping center with a ...

Awesome Folding Chair Play Video

Awesome Folding Chair

119 months ago 2,300,920

This guy has invented an awesome portable folding chair. Who needs a bench?

How To Properly Load Vista Play Video

How To Properly Load Vista

119 months ago 1,335,426

Anthony from the Opie and Anthony show spent over 12 hours trying to instal...

Air India Cockpit Flyby Play Video

Air India Cockpit Flyby

119 months ago 1,071,438

Pretty cool footage from the cockpit of an Air India flight. You can see th...

Dropping A Bag Of Water Play Video

Dropping A Bag Of Water

119 months ago 1,055,087

These guys fill a bag with water and wait for an innocent victim to walk ou...

Drunk Vacuum Prank Play Video

Drunk Vacuum Prank

119 months ago 1,024,611

Here's a nice little addition to the tradition of chiefing the first person...

Break Gallery CXXII Play Video

Break Gallery CXXII

Break Gallery #122!!! Here you have it, the latest and greatestest pics fro...

Ultra Realistic HDTV Play Video

Ultra Realistic HDTV

119 months ago 851,334

We have had this video sent to us at least 10 times over the last couple da...

How To Shower: Men Vs Women Play Video

How To Shower: Men Vs Women

119 months ago 5,608,053

The simple truth about men's bathroom habits compared to women's. This vide...

Bench Press Accident Play Video

Bench Press Accident

119 months ago 1,314,296

I am amazed that this doesn't happen more often when people are using the b...

Cab 720 Little Girl Tap Play Video

Cab 720 Little Girl Tap

119 months ago 1,196,543

I'm assuming this guy didn't mean to come off the jump and scare the living...


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