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Double Backflip Faceplant Play Video

Double Backflip Faceplant 73 months ago

This kids tries a double backflip on the beach but ends up not getting enou...

Sea Doo in the Jacuzzi Play Video

Sea Doo in the Jacuzzi 73 months ago

How bored do you have to be to think of putting your Sea Doo in a jacuzzi?

Kid Fails At Wakeboarding Play Video

Kid Fails At Wakeboarding 73 months ago

This kid is surprised at how fast the boat takes off and wipes out on his b...

Umbrella Takes Out Lady Play Video

Umbrella Takes Out Lady 73 months ago

The winds pick up at a local beach and a large umbrella gets tossed through...

Do Not Rob This Pizza Store Play Video

Do Not Rob This Pizza Store 73 months ago

Don't let the pink t-shirts fool you, this is not a pizza store you want to...

Flip Flop Glue Prank Play Video

Flip Flop Glue Prank 73 months ago

Here is this week's cash for captions contest video. Write a funny caption ...