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Skater Bashes His Rib Play Video

Skater Bashes His Rib

127 months ago 24,460 0

Skater attempts to grind rail, instead rail grinds skater's rib. I would li...

Creative Way to Steal A Car Play Video

Creative Way to Steal A Car

127 months ago 99,186 115,961

In search of a new car? Ever wonder how you can get one for free? Apparentl...

Skier Happens Upon Avalanche Play Video

Skier Happens Upon Avalanche

127 months ago 31,755 1

In the middle of a downhill run a skier suddenly finds himself in the middl...

Guy Gets Owned By Treadmill Play Video

Guy Gets Owned By Treadmill

127 months ago 234,023 766,308

This guy is having some issues with his treadmill. If this happened to me I...

The Ultimate Sucker Punch Play Video

The Ultimate Sucker Punch

127 months ago 275,897 192,292

Ok I really dont like this fat kid. Not only does he sucker punch a guy a t...

The Ultimate Wingman Play Video

The Ultimate Wingman

127 months ago 46,370 403,823

I thought this was a pretty funny sketch. Whats asking too much of a wingma...

Dont Rob This Guy Play Video

Dont Rob This Guy

127 months ago 381,478 214,806

Rule number one of robbing a convenience store is make sure the person behi...

Table Grinding Goes Wrong Play Video

Table Grinding Goes Wrong

127 months ago 88,919 211,424

Talk about adding insult to injury. Its not enough that he misses the jump ...

Trailer Tom Snow Board Crashes Play Video

Trailer Tom Snow Board Crashes

127 months ago 36,579 20,123

This is great montage of snow board crashes from our friend Trailer Tom. Cr...

Slap War Play Video

Slap War

127 months ago 121,566 366,466

This is close. Which one of these two guys do you think slapped harder. I...

Snowboard on Stairs Play Video

Snowboard on Stairs

127 months ago 28,413 117,735

No chance this was going to work. This kid runs up to a snowboard and trie...

Coming In A Bit Too Fast Play Video

Coming In A Bit Too Fast

127 months ago 103,772 3

Alright, who do you guys think hit the ground harder? The first guy did co...

A Helping Hand Play Video

A Helping Hand

127 months ago 68,040 2

I totally relate to this guy. I dont know how many times I have done every...

Dad Plays A Dirty Prank Play Video

Dad Plays A Dirty Prank

127 months ago 102,178 221,590

Watch this dad play a nasty prank on his kid. The kids reaction is hilariou...

Hi-Speed Highway Accident Play Video

Hi-Speed Highway Accident

127 months ago 121,534 1,775,149

The guy in this clip is tryin to beat the record set two weeks ago for dist...

That's Gonna Leave a Mark Play Video

That's Gonna Leave a Mark

127 months ago 33,012 9,075

Buffalo Wild Wings’ Spicy Garlic stings. Just how much sting? Check it out.


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