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Girl Falls Off Trampoline Play Video

Girl Falls Off Trampoline

128 months ago 283,755 2,442,117

A gymnastics routine is going so well then it takes a bad turn. The sound s...

Toilet Airsoft Gun Prank Play Video

Toilet Airsoft Gun Prank

128 months ago 192,963 6,801

This guy shoots his buddy with an airsoft gun while hes on the toilet. We c...

Chicken Suit Fire Jump Play Video

Chicken Suit Fire Jump

128 months ago 122,750 2

A guy in a chicken suit lights himself on fire and jumps off a pier. Person...

Hes Poppin His Head Play Video

Hes Poppin His Head

128 months ago 168,885 35

This video proves that rap music promotes violence. Every year thousands of...

Fat Kid Swing Fall Play Video

Fat Kid Swing Fall

128 months ago 139,834 192,345

Fat kid falls flat off of a swing set. This kid has the coordination of a d...

Roof Jump Tree Grab Play Video

Roof Jump Tree Grab

128 months ago 50,352 116,493

A guy climbs up to his roof to jump off and grab a tree in his yard. Guess ...

Dorm Room Rube Goldberg Play Video

Dorm Room Rube Goldberg

128 months ago 168,932 532,010

Four guys at St Johns College got together and created a great Rube Goldber...

Slip N Slide Take Down Play Video

Slip N Slide Take Down

128 months ago 222,569 210,875

Slip N Slides are always fun until someone gets hurt. Watch this guy get ta...

Skater Grinds Rail And Groin Play Video

Skater Grinds Rail And Groin

128 months ago 130,275 7

A skater tries to grind a pipe and ends up grinding something else. That pi...

Chair Spin Out Play Video

Chair Spin Out

128 months ago 98,766 94,842

A group of friends tape this kid to the chair and spin him around like craz...

Balcony Neck Break Jump Play Video

Balcony Neck Break Jump

128 months ago 233,199 5

This guy is trying to jump up, grab the balcony then climp to the second fl...

Naked Biker Crashes Play Video

Naked Biker Crashes

128 months ago 306,578 25

This biker decides to do some naked stunting. There's a reason bikers wear ...

Running Out Of Gas Mid-Flight Play Video

Running Out Of Gas Mid-Flight

128 months ago 135,473 1

What do you do if you run out of gas mid-flight? After you soil yourself yo...

Every Guy Needs An Eyefi Play Video

Every Guy Needs An Eyefi

128 months ago 85,537 3

Do you watch a lot of mature content on the net? Then you need an Eyefi! Ca...

Double Decker Bus Mishap Play Video

Double Decker Bus Mishap

128 months ago 109,205 419,167

This double decker bus in London smashes into a low hanging bridge. I hope ...

Car Crash Drive By Prank Play Video

Car Crash Drive By Prank

128 months ago 121,336 474,883

Some pranksters set up speakers on busy streets playing audio of screeching...

Dude Feels Up His Mom Play Video

Dude Feels Up His Mom

128 months ago 207,899 647,500

This guy is blindfolded and has to feel up a stripper and guess her name to...


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