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Ship In Rough Water Play Video

Ship In Rough Water

119 months ago 1,338,631

This is some amazing footage of a ship in extremely rough waters. Check ou...

College Box Prank Play Video

College Box Prank

119 months ago 538,504

Some kid climbs into an old box on a sidewalk in the middle of a college ca...

Parking Lot Nut Shot Play Video

Parking Lot Nut Shot

119 months ago 706,525

The guy who got his nuts crushed by a flying can of soup a few weeks ago is...

Biker With Death Wish Play Video

Biker With Death Wish

119 months ago 1,347,779

This is some insane footage a guy took while being chased by a police offic...

80 Year Old Crashes Into DMV Play Video

80 Year Old Crashes Into DMV

119 months ago 632,466

An 80 year old woman in Florida crashed into the DMV injuring 11 people on ...

Poker Chip Tricks Play Video

Poker Chip Tricks

119 months ago 677,753

It's too bad that none of these tricks would help you in a ...

Explosions In Reverse Play Video

Explosions In Reverse

119 months ago 550,932

This is pretty cool. These guys film various explosions and then edit them...

Awesome Adjustable Table Play Video

Awesome Adjustable Table

119 months ago 719,590

A couple weeks back we posted a video of an awesome folding chair and now I...

Parking Garage Moron Play Video

Parking Garage Moron

119 months ago 1,155,553

Wow this guy is a moron. He just single handedly ruined our perfect streak ...

Disgusting Arm Break Play Video

Disgusting Arm Break

119 months ago 995,166

You have got to give it to this guy. This is one of the most disgusting ar...


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