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Boat Slippery When Wet Play Video

Boat Slippery When Wet

123 months ago 468,725 1

This is what happens when you mix beer, bare feet, water and a boat. This m...

Guy with Crazy Soldiers Play Video

Guy with Crazy Soldiers

123 months ago 209,620 216,946

This guy doesnt have a muscle holding his shoulder blades down, so he can m...

News Bike Stunt Play Video

News Bike Stunt

123 months ago 300,822 3

In the middle of an on air demonstration of how easy it is to steal a bike,...

TV Japan Slapped In The Balls Play Video

TV Japan Slapped In The Balls

123 months ago 525,565 8

Gotta give Japanese game show producers credit they are single handedly the...

Paul ONeil Headbutts Horse Play Video

Paul ONeil Headbutts Horse

123 months ago 263,019 223,268

Paul ONeil a famous horse racing jockey gets frustrated with his horse and ...

Crosswinds From A Jet Play Video

Crosswinds From A Jet

123 months ago 729,484 2,142,711

Its obvious that the winds created by a plane would have to be pretty stron...

Backflip Bail Play Video

Backflip Bail

123 months ago 258,010 102,185

I think its a safe bet that the odds of this dude landing this jump are abo...

Football Season Is Almost Back Play Video

Football Season Is Almost Back

123 months ago 318,282 174,959

I know exactly how the dudes in this video feel. I did my best to get into...

Backward Arm Wrestling Play Video

Backward Arm Wrestling

123 months ago 402,430 282,049

This guy challenges his buddy to a backward arm wrestling contest to prove ...

Demolition of Four Towers Play Video

Demolition of Four Towers

123 months ago 230,257 506,334

Pretty cool to watch this demolition of four huge towers. Each tower appea...

Pro Wrestler Punches Reporter Play Video

Pro Wrestler Punches Reporter

123 months ago 516,992 2

Awesome clip of wrestler David Schultz a.k.a. Dr.D. This video is from 198...

Digital License Plate Play Video

Digital License Plate

123 months ago 555,890 2

At one time or another we all thought about how cool it would be to have a ...

Skater Grinds 33 Kinks Play Video

Skater Grinds 33 Kinks

123 months ago 568,890 585,227

Professional skate boarder Chris Farmer flawless grinds a huge stair case w...

I'm With Stupid Play Video

I'm With Stupid

123 months ago 420,485 456,625

Did you know that the world is ending soon and we're all going to hell? Wel...

How Not To Do A Wall Flip Play Video

How Not To Do A Wall Flip

123 months ago 517,230 159,652

This dude successfully demonstrates on how not to do a wall flip. This dud...

Twisted Sisters Play Video

Twisted Sisters

123 months ago 966,030 1

This had bad idea written all over it from the start. Two sisters sit in t...

Another Missed Opportunity Play Video

Another Missed Opportunity

123 months ago 318,066 1

Last weekend I was taping my brother in law push his kid on our swingset. ...

Alien Bug Lands In Backyard Play Video

Alien Bug Lands In Backyard

123 months ago 711,905 2

I have no clue what the heck this thing is. Some guys found it crawling in...


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