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Hillary Farts During Debate Play Video

Hillary Farts During Debate

113 months ago 551,648

Alternate camera angles and super sensitive boom microphones picked up some...

Dad Flips Out On Son Play Video

Dad Flips Out On Son

113 months ago 639,067

Some teenage kid maxes out his Dads credit card and while his webcam is run...

Slide Owns Kid Twice Play Video

Slide Owns Kid Twice

113 months ago 716,570

Some little kid faceplants off at the top of a slide but it doesnt keep him...

Kelly Pickler On Game Show Play Video

Kelly Pickler On Game Show

113 months ago 440,424

You got to love this chick but honestly if this was Are You Smarter Than A ...

Drunk Chair Pull Knockout Play Video

Drunk Chair Pull Knockout

113 months ago 370,969

Weve all pulled the prank where you pull the chair out from under your frie...

Unconventional Dance Moves Play Video

Unconventional Dance Moves

113 months ago 210,948

This is actually pretty entertaining to watch. A couple kids demonstrate a...

Sofa King We Todd Did Play Video

Sofa King We Todd Did

113 months ago 272,654

As obvious of a prank this might be I thought it was very funny. Gurantee ...

Break Gallery CLXV Play Video

Break Gallery CLXV

Break Gallery #165!!! What a wild week in pictures it has been. The Victori...

Oil Wrestling For The Win! Play Video

Oil Wrestling For The Win!

113 months ago 1,335,884

God bless the L word for giving us this great oil wrestling video. Add 2 p...

kickball to face Play Video

kickball to face

113 months ago 395,606

Standing on the sidelines of an indoor kickball game is never a good idea.

Barf Bags Dont Work at 0 Gs Play Video

Barf Bags Dont Work at 0 Gs

113 months ago 3,827,748

This is one of the funniest videos Ive seen in a while. Some girl loses her...

Helium Balloons Lift Car Play Video

Helium Balloons Lift Car

113 months ago 413,869

A couple guys attach hundreds of helium balloons to a car and make it float...


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