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Near Miss In Afghanistan Play Video

Near Miss In Afghanistan 66 months ago

A soldier tailgates his officer on an Afghanistan highway and almost bought...

Not In The Mood Tonight Play Video

Not In The Mood Tonight 66 months ago

This poor fella learns the hard way that his girlfriend is not in the mood....

Angry Auto Worker Fights Boss Play Video

Angry Auto Worker Fights Boss 66 months ago

A recently laid-off guy pushes his boss into some trash cans outside their ...

Don't Help Dune Buggies Play Video

Don't Help Dune Buggies 66 months ago

Four good samaritans walk over to help out a buddy who's stuck in the sand ...

Cat Wants Aquarium Fish Play Video

Cat Wants Aquarium Fish 66 months ago

Witness the graceful, lightning-quick hunting technique of this expert feli...

Welcome Home Prank Play Video

Welcome Home Prank 66 months ago

These guys toss it all at their roommate coming home. They buttered the fl...