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Snow Kiting At Its Best Play Video

Snow Kiting At Its Best

121 months ago 334,939 1

Remember that Snow Sailing Video of that guy clearing that road on break. T...

Funny Ikea Ad The Perfect Mom Play Video

Funny Ikea Ad The Perfect Mom

121 months ago 636,999 17

Being a single mom and getting some alone time can be difficult. This mom m...

Restless Leg Rube Goldberg Play Video

Restless Leg Rube Goldberg

121 months ago 554,319 2

To raise awareness for Restless Leg Syndrome these British guys got paid to...

Train Vs Truck Play Video

Train Vs Truck

121 months ago 878,747 2,089,320

Somehow a truck has been accidentally parked on the train tracks during com...

Break Gallery CVIII Play Video

Break Gallery CVIII

Break Gallery 108!!! Funny pics and hot chicks as usual. Some leftovers fro...

Very Flexible Condom Play Video

Very Flexible Condom

121 months ago 710,758 358,002

These college guys fill a condom with gallons of water in their bath tub. W...

Burger King Octo Stacker Play Video

Burger King Octo Stacker

121 months ago 902,649 1

This guy goes into Burger King and orders the Octo Stacker which consists o...

Old Lady Run Over Play Video

Old Lady Run Over

121 months ago 801,421 1,786,538

This is some fairly shocking footage of a woman getting run over multiple t...

Faith Hill Is A Sore Loser Play Video

Faith Hill Is A Sore Loser

121 months ago 1,265,866 1,286,968

At last night's Country Music Awards super star Faith Hill has an interest...

Slow Motion Missile Dispatch Play Video

Slow Motion Missile Dispatch

121 months ago 1,073,368 439,028

This is an awesome video of a missile being dispatched in slow motion. I wo...

Its Gotta Be The Shoes Play Video

Its Gotta Be The Shoes

121 months ago 630,453 25,458

Criminal Masterminds usually flee the scene of the crime and go on the lamb...

The Real Spiderman Play Video

The Real Spiderman

121 months ago 799,635 6

This nutbag shows spiderman how it's really done by scaling a colossal buil...

Fox News Slip Up Play Video

Fox News Slip Up

121 months ago 1,244,287 19

Fox News reporter Jane Skinner slips up when talking about Iraq's Top Cop. ...

Roof Jump Into Pool Play Video

Roof Jump Into Pool

121 months ago 1,084,269 2

A guy jumps off the roof of a six floor building trying to land in the pool...

Darth Wake Up Play Video

Darth Wake Up

121 months ago 816,822 1,776,891

Guy scares the crap out of sleeping wife with his Darth Vader routine. This...

Tazed While Shotgunning a Beer Play Video

Tazed While Shotgunning a Beer

121 months ago 941,933 6,781,448

Watch this guy turn into a paraplegic gimp after he has his wife taze him w...

Another Car Jump Face Plant Play Video

Another Car Jump Face Plant

121 months ago 1,232,746 11

People will just never learn, I dont know why this guy thinks he'll be able...

She Really Cried Play Video

She Really Cried

121 months ago 865,554 1,832,865

I found one of those POP-UP games and I showed to my sister to see how she ...


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