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Biker Slams Into Side Wall Play Video

Biker Slams Into Side Wall

118 months ago 265,726

A biker overshoots his landing after a jump in a recent competition and doe...

The Disappearing Car Door Play Video

The Disappearing Car Door

119 months ago 689,010

This is probably one of the coolest car mods I have seen. The side door lo...

Loose Front Tire Play Video

Loose Front Tire

119 months ago 239,078

This kids buddies loosen the bolts on his front tire when he wasnt looking ...

Hot For Hill Play Video

Hot For Hill

119 months ago 411,803

This is a musical parody by former American Idol contestant Taryn Southern....

Track And Field Is Dangerous Play Video

Track And Field Is Dangerous

119 months ago 521,690

While practicing for the meet, a long jumper is stretching and takes a jave...

Are You Friggin Kidding Me Play Video

Are You Friggin Kidding Me

119 months ago 723,961

Fox news recently reported that the FBI has found a way to monitor your con...

Funny Facebook Parody Play Video

Funny Facebook Parody

119 months ago 420,276

This is a well done parody of all those e-Harmony commercials but using Fac...

Rolling Tires Down A Ski Jump Play Video

Rolling Tires Down A Ski Jump

119 months ago 1,087,214

These guys take a bunch of different sized tires and roll them down a ski j...

A Paintball Duel Play Video

A Paintball Duel

119 months ago 598,572

These guys pace off about 30 feet from eachother and then exchange multiple...

Water Jug Baseball Play Video

Water Jug Baseball

119 months ago 191,387

These guys use water containers as bats and their buddies faces as balls an...

Drunk Driver Hits Gas Pump Play Video

Drunk Driver Hits Gas Pump

119 months ago 337,578

A drunk driver falls asleep at the wheel and rams into a gas pump causing a...


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