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Rifle Range Back Fire Play Video

Rifle Range Back Fire

127 months ago 246,726 3

This guy tries to shoot out a tire with a rifle at a pretty good distance. ...

How Not To Get Out of a DUI Play Video

How Not To Get Out of a DUI

127 months ago 207,868 858,053

The chick in this clip is at the police headquarters and is refusing to tak...

Rear Window Head Slam Play Video

Rear Window Head Slam

127 months ago 177,929 27

The first rule of any fight is that you have to establish dominance quickly...

Canadian Domestic Abuse PSA 2 Play Video

Canadian Domestic Abuse PSA 2

127 months ago 145,282 508,837

We posted the first of these Canadian Public Service Announcements yesterda...

Water Bucket Prank Play Video

Water Bucket Prank

127 months ago 94,926 10

Alright I know this isn't the most elaborate prank in the world. But someti...

Canadian Domestic Abuse PSA Play Video

Canadian Domestic Abuse PSA

127 months ago 120,482 1

This is an actual Public Service Announcement from Canada that deals with t...

Other Uses For Food Loops Play Video

Other Uses For Food Loops

127 months ago 49,365 82,993

Food loops have a million uses, including exacting revenge on ungrateful sp...

Leap Frog Face Plant Play Video

Leap Frog Face Plant

127 months ago 101,326 26

This is just mean. A girl tries to leapfrog a guy and just when she is abo...

How To Blow Up A Boat Play Video

How To Blow Up A Boat

127 months ago 157,466 3,627

This is pretty cool footage of a submarine taking aim and destroying a batt...

Sarah Mason Looking Smokin Hot Play Video

Sarah Mason Looking Smokin Hot

127 months ago 577,546 1,041,527

This is a great clip of Sarah dancing. Thanks to all our members for point...

Death Defying Stair Fall Play Video

Death Defying Stair Fall

127 months ago 80,403 11

I guess the plan was to grind the steepest staircase in town and land smoot...

Two Girls Fall Off Stage Play Video

Two Girls Fall Off Stage

127 months ago 196,095 428,576

Talent night at the local karaoke bar and a group of really hot chicks are ...

Super Dog Play Video

Super Dog

127 months ago 92,097 4

This dog is awesome. He runs full speed and grabs onto a rope with his tee...

Horse Craps On Reporter Play Video

Horse Craps On Reporter

127 months ago 164,441 1,211,854

A very eager reporter is attempting to run underneath the belly of a horse....

Talented Monkey Can Skate Play Video

Talented Monkey Can Skate

127 months ago 38,039 372,989

This monkey can skate! Thats pretty cool I bet it took a long time to train...


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