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Redneck Video Dating Disaster Play Video

Redneck Video Dating Disaster 72 months ago

After being dumped this is not a good way to convince your ex to give you a...

Lightning in Super Slow Mo Play Video

Lightning in Super Slow Mo 72 months ago

Ok I wasnt expecting this to be very cool but honestly I was pretty impress...

Leave Brett Favre Alone Play Video

Leave Brett Favre Alone 72 months ago

He did so much for Green Bay over the last 16 years just leave him alone.

Self Defense Dorks Play Video

Self Defense Dorks 72 months ago

Quite possibly the lamest self defense techniques ever taught. These moves ...

School For Viral Videos Play Video

School For Viral Videos 72 months ago

Want to know what it takes to make a popular web hit? Enroll today in The E...

Chick Overreacts A Little Play Video

Chick Overreacts A Little 72 months ago

A couple girls are driving on the highway when they slam into a bird. The ...