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Don't Tase Me Bro Play Video

Don't Tase Me Bro

114 months ago 619,149

Don't Tase Me Bro: In 2007, John Kerry was giving a speech at the Universit...

Amazing Homemade Fight Scene Play Video

Amazing Homemade Fight Scene

114 months ago 419,632

These well trained martial artists got together one weekend and made an awe...

Cat Loves Mac Laptop Play Video

Cat Loves Mac Laptop

114 months ago 342,478

This little kitty loves playing with a mac laptop. On the downside thats a ...

Another Merry Go Round Moron Play Video

Another Merry Go Round Moron

114 months ago 496,596

Copying a video we posted a long time ago this guy decides to try the Merry...

The Ultimate Game Of Horse Play Video

The Ultimate Game Of Horse

114 months ago 647,527

These guys film themselves making some incredible basketball shots in their...

IED Very Close Call Play Video

IED Very Close Call

114 months ago 543,235

An IED goes off as a convoy drives through Iraq and just barely misses thes...

What $207 Million Looks Like Play Video

What $207 Million Looks Like

114 months ago 823,505

Recently DEA agents raided a home of Meth dealers in suburban Mexico and di...

Tired Baby Loves Cake Play Video

Tired Baby Loves Cake

114 months ago 487,728

This little baby is engaged an epic battle between the sand man and his sto...

Soldiers Blow Up 400k Robot Play Video

Soldiers Blow Up 400k Robot

114 months ago 484,709

A group of soldiers find a location they suspect has an IED. They use a bo...


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