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Failed Motorcycle Hand Stand Play Video

Failed Motorcycle Hand Stand

116 months ago 578,215

This guy tries to do a handstand on his motorcycle and guess what? It doesn...

Ninja Cow Play Video

Ninja Cow

116 months ago 1,507,975

These guys tie up a cow and begin to transport him to the city butcher. Th...

Rollerblader Face Plants Play Video

Rollerblader Face Plants

116 months ago 521,077

This dude tries to pull off a trick but ends up landing face first into the...

School Bully Gets One Punched Play Video

School Bully Gets One Punched

116 months ago 4,283,635

A school bully picks on a kid about half his size during recess. The bully...

Bomb Bag Deployed In Pants Play Video

Bomb Bag Deployed In Pants

116 months ago 692,307

To be honest I had no idea what a bomb bag was before this clip. Now I real...

Break Gallery CXXXIV Play Video

Break Gallery CXXXIV

Break Gallery 134!!! Its Saturday night and we are firing out a weekend upd...

When Teleprompters Fail Play Video

When Teleprompters Fail

117 months ago 875,381

Watch this brilliant broadcaster as the teleprompter breaks and he seamless...

Bulls Are Just Like Men Play Video

Bulls Are Just Like Men

117 months ago 764,654

I like this bull because hes in the mood for love and he wont let a little ...

8 Year Old Guitar Hero Master Play Video

8 Year Old Guitar Hero Master

117 months ago 1,535,589

I got to admit I hadnt heard of Guitar Hero until last week and now its bec...

The Spoon Prank Returns! Play Video

The Spoon Prank Returns!

117 months ago 663,709

Its been a couple months since weve posted a spoon prank video because I th...

Coming Home From War Play Video

Coming Home From War

117 months ago 559,213

Even though in the end this turned out to be a commercial I really liked th...

Mythbusters Asks A Ninja Play Video

Mythbusters Asks A Ninja

117 months ago 605,373

The Ask a Ninja ninja tells the Mythbusters what they should really know ab...


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