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Tickle Me Elmo Burns Play Video

Tickle Me Elmo Burns

119 months ago 778,261 2

These guys take a Tickle Me Elmo and light it up. Pretty funny and sort of ...

Dane Cook Impersonator Play Video

Dane Cook Impersonator

119 months ago 650,007 1

This guy is awesome. He impersonates Dane Cook so well that he is actually...

Custom Made Hover Bike Play Video

Custom Made Hover Bike

119 months ago 842,069 21

This thing is friggin awesome. Its a prototype hover bike. They claim it ...

Knex Machine Gun Play Video

Knex Machine Gun

119 months ago 917,009 301,685

This is a pretty cool video of a working Machine Gun made out of those Knex...

Drag Race In Turkey Goes Bad Play Video

Drag Race In Turkey Goes Bad

119 months ago 1,186,429 5

This is a clip from a drag race in Turkey. One of the cars loses control a...

First Baseball Hitting Robot Play Video

First Baseball Hitting Robot

119 months ago 756,084 1,241,776

I thought this was pretty cool. These guys build a robot that actually can...

Saran Wrap Toilet Prank Play Video

Saran Wrap Toilet Prank

119 months ago 1,461,766 1

This is a classic prank, a guy covers the toilet with Saran wrap and sets u...

$80,000 Engine Blown Play Video

$80,000 Engine Blown

119 months ago 968,490 2

This guy blows the engine on his brand new $80,000 NSX using Dyno machine. ...

Thirsty Camel Shotguns a Beer Play Video

Thirsty Camel Shotguns a Beer

119 months ago 393,339 4

These guys are on top of the Great Wall of China and they give their camel ...

Young Hockey Phenom Play Video

Young Hockey Phenom

119 months ago 1,347,727 2

A group of high schools held a hockey shoot-out competition and invited thi...

More Epic Pong Shots Play Video

More Epic Pong Shots

119 months ago 665,586 1

This video must of taken weeks to create. Some of these shots are incredib...

Osam Bin Laden Auditions Play Video

Osam Bin Laden Auditions

119 months ago 420,958 1,447,860

This guy Bobby Roos does awesome impressions of a couple celebrities trying...

Leaf Blower Spin Play Video

Leaf Blower Spin

119 months ago 531,937 1,346,364

Take a spinning stool, a couple beers and a leaf blower and you can create ...


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