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Funny Math Play Video

Funny Math

120 months ago 879,746 8

This guy shows how to complete an algebra math problem. As boring as that ...

Fat Man Slap Dance Play Video

Fat Man Slap Dance

120 months ago 405,323 1,066,221

Who needs a band to back you up when god has given you all the instruments ...

Drunk Prank Gone Bad Play Video

Drunk Prank Gone Bad

120 months ago 1,363,017 1

We thought we were going to make a great drunk prank video. We were wrong....

Holy Cow Play Video

Holy Cow

120 months ago 792,759 630,373

Alright, this is kinda gross but we have been told the cow lives a complete...

Low Flying 747 Play Video

Low Flying 747

120 months ago 1,001,119 2

I can pretty much gurantee this is the lowest youll ever see a 747 fly with...

Lady Gets Run Over By Car Play Video

Lady Gets Run Over By Car

120 months ago 729,531 423,530

A woman is walking across a parking lot when a car decides to pull out of a...

Roller Coaster Massacre Play Video

Roller Coaster Massacre

120 months ago 2,036,540 1,875,250

I thought this video was pretty cool. This dude shows how to kill all the ...

Bad Skateboarding Crash Play Video

Bad Skateboarding Crash

120 months ago 609,915 2

I know this seemed like a fool proof idea at the time but somehow holding o...

SAW Featuring Zack Kahn Play Video

SAW Featuring Zack Kahn

120 months ago 477,478 171,341

Zack Kahn's deleted scene from the movie SAW. I know some people didn't get...

How To Make 10 Bucks Play Video

How To Make 10 Bucks

120 months ago 1,028,231 497,278

Pretty clever way to cheat your friend out of $10. I tried this on a friend...

How To Make A Dry Ice Bomb Play Video

How To Make A Dry Ice Bomb

120 months ago 1,014,024 4,802,250

This is a video on how to create a pretty powerful dry ice bomb with water,...

Another Cool Optical Illusion Play Video

Another Cool Optical Illusion

120 months ago 1,115,624 1,203,580

First let me say I promise this isn't a scare video, it's actually a cool o...

Jumping The Peloton Play Video

Jumping The Peloton

120 months ago 608,235 3

The Peloton is a the pack of cyclists that are riding in a race. This guy f...

Santa Makes Surprise Entrance Play Video

Santa Makes Surprise Entrance

120 months ago 687,439 1,183,334

Hey kids, Santa just landed on the roof and is gonna meet us all in the gar...


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