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Tupac Alive? Play Video

Tupac Alive?

124 months ago 380,466 1,837,280

Today would have been Tupac's 35th birthday so I thought it was a good time...

RC Plane Hits Electrical Line Play Video

RC Plane Hits Electrical Line

124 months ago 436,153 1,371,112

I actually attempted to build an RC plane once. They cost hundreds of doll...

Sarah Silverman on Motivation Play Video

Sarah Silverman on Motivation

124 months ago 225,306 465,238

This is a short clip of a standup routine of Sarah Silverman (girlfriend of...

Dead Cat Found In Car Play Video

Dead Cat Found In Car

124 months ago 341,484 7

Has your car been running a little bumpy lately? Has your engine been givin...

Water and Flour Photo Prank Play Video

Water and Flour Photo Prank

124 months ago 288,622 89,107

This is quickly becoming my favorite prank in a while. It's so easy to pull...

Skier Crashes 70 Foot Jump Play Video

Skier Crashes 70 Foot Jump

124 months ago 174,980 202,162

A skier builds up some momentum by being dragged by a snow mobile up to a 7...

Fun With Liquid Nitrogen Play Video

Fun With Liquid Nitrogen

124 months ago 476,734 860,635

I thought this was pretty cool. Some dude takes a bowl full of liquid nitr...

He Did What??? Play Video

He Did What???

124 months ago 643,075 1

This is seriously the coolest goal I've ever seen in hockey. If stuff like ...

The Apple Ipad for Women Play Video

The Apple Ipad for Women

124 months ago 268,319 3

The latest life changing invention from Apple: The Ipad for women. Please d...

Monkey Hosts TV Show Play Video

Monkey Hosts TV Show

124 months ago 257,286 2,628,462

I dont know much about this show but you got to check out this monkey. Whil...

World Cup Goals Play Video

World Cup Goals

124 months ago 328,083 344,681

This is a compilation of about 10 of the greatest goals ever scored. Some ...

Eleven Life Sentences Play Video

Eleven Life Sentences

124 months ago 213,164 392,376

This guy tried to outrun the cops. When they finally catch him he not only...

Great Golden Eye Recreation Play Video

Great Golden Eye Recreation

124 months ago 391,830 1,298,621

If you ever played Goldeneye on N64 then you'll probably find this live act...

Monty Python In LegoVision Play Video

Monty Python In LegoVision

124 months ago 115,190 1,469,774

Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail Camelot song reproduced with Legos...

Human Car Wash Play Video

Human Car Wash

124 months ago 159,711 143,548

It's summer finally and everyone's looking for ways to beat the heat. Here'...

The Boy Can Dance Play Video

The Boy Can Dance

124 months ago 519,658 2

This kid is pretty cool. He is 5 years old and has mastered one of those d...


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