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Dude Gets Bit By Large Spider Play Video

Dude Gets Bit By Large Spider

115 months ago 1,991,582

This dude got bit by a large spider but ignored it for a couple days until ...

Snowmobile Drag Race Wipeout Play Video

Snowmobile Drag Race Wipeout

115 months ago 286,251

Pretty cool footage from this dudes helmet cam of a snowmobile drag race (m...

The Price Is Not Even Close Play Video

The Price Is Not Even Close

115 months ago 1,182,035

Listen to Joses answer on showcase showdown when he is asked to bid on a co...

Biker Slams Into Cameraman Play Video

Biker Slams Into Cameraman

115 months ago 440,659

Check out this footage from the X-games of a dude hitting big air but landi...

Incredibly Hard Football Hit Play Video

Incredibly Hard Football Hit

115 months ago 873,013

He really used the truck stick on that one to lay the other player out. Che...

Suspect Pulls Knife On Cop Play Video

Suspect Pulls Knife On Cop

115 months ago 1,406,700

A suspect pulls out a knife while being patted down at a police headquarter...

White Men Still Cant Jump Play Video

White Men Still Cant Jump

115 months ago 423,209

Scientists like this guy are still in the field testing the theory that whi...

Hawk Cant Catch Rabbit Play Video

Hawk Cant Catch Rabbit

115 months ago 336,301

Alright, two animal videos in a single update might be a touch much but thi...

Moose Tries To Outrun Train Play Video

Moose Tries To Outrun Train

115 months ago 489,864

A moose chooses to try and outrun a train instead of simply stepping off th...

The Perfect Girlfriend Play Video

The Perfect Girlfriend

115 months ago 1,369,241

Everyone say hello to the world’s perfect girlfriend. Jim Bean came up with...

Sibling Flip Nut Shot Play Video

Sibling Flip Nut Shot

115 months ago 640,740

This guy tries to flip his sister and instead gets nailed in the nuts.


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