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One Man Jam Band Play Video

One Man Jam Band

119 months ago 478,342 4

One of the guys who played the halo theme live uses a green screen to creat...

Little Drummer Boy Play Video

Little Drummer Boy

119 months ago 1,184,233 1,998,058

This kid is amazing. The bands drummer takes a break and lets this kid fil...

Dumb Woman At Gas Station Play Video

Dumb Woman At Gas Station

119 months ago 2,334,416 16

So this week we saw two examples of why women are bad at parking and now we...

Skunk Under The Bench Prank Play Video

Skunk Under The Bench Prank

119 months ago 745,675 1

This guy takes a very real looking skunk on a stick and scares the crap out...

Spud Gun Destroys Car Play Video

Spud Gun Destroys Car

119 months ago 1,075,658 4

For some reason this guy decides to use his new home made spud gun to destr...

Boxer Has Trouble With Ropes Play Video

Boxer Has Trouble With Ropes

119 months ago 1,177,522 53

This is hilarious. This amateur boxer cant figure out how to get in and ou...

Soccer Player Loses Four Teeth Play Video

Soccer Player Loses Four Teeth

119 months ago 667,817 377,452

This dude runs face first into another players foot and sends four of his t...

Wall Flip Falls Short Play Video

Wall Flip Falls Short

119 months ago 888,417 1,085,081

This Jackie Chan wannabe tries to run up the wall and flip over landing on ...

Dude Draws A Perfect Circle Play Video

Dude Draws A Perfect Circle

119 months ago 1,500,457 6

My Dad use to tell me that it doesnt matter what you do in life, if your be...

Tigger Knocks Out Kid Play Video

Tigger Knocks Out Kid

119 months ago 2,401,930 6

Before I watched this I figured the kid somehow provoked that punch from Ti...

Women Cant Parallel Park Play Video

Women Cant Parallel Park

119 months ago 2,136,380 23

After posting the video of the woman trying to pull out of a parking spot w...


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