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Break Gallery CLXXVII Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXVII

Break Gallery #177!!! Big night tonight peoples. Looks like there was a lot...

Hey Jude Kid Play Video

Hey Jude Kid

110 months ago 512,876

It's probably the unlikeliest cover of the Beatles' "Hey Jude." Four-year-o...

Subway Punk Gets Owned Play Video

Subway Punk Gets Owned

110 months ago 781,999

Some punk on the subway is harassing a woman so another passenger finds a c...

Chick Crashes Into Barricade Play Video

Chick Crashes Into Barricade

110 months ago 240,032

Some girl thinks her car is short enough to slide underneath a barricade bu...

How To Win A Sniper Fight Play Video

How To Win A Sniper Fight

110 months ago 802,725

The US Military is attacked by insurgent and demonstrate the most effective...

The London Freeze Play Video

The London Freeze

110 months ago 280,406

This is the sequel to the now famous Grand Central freeze prank last month.

The Ultimate Rubber Band Gun Play Video

The Ultimate Rubber Band Gun

110 months ago 485,611

This thing is friggin awesome. These guys built a double barrel rubber ban...

Drink Machine Attacks Woman Play Video

Drink Machine Attacks Woman

110 months ago 435,619

Pay attention as this woman tries to get a soda. Apparently this drink mach...

Horse Kicks Kid Play Video

Horse Kicks Kid

110 months ago 633,289

Some little kid wont listen to his father who tells him not to stand behind...

Vida Guerras Hidden Talent Play Video

Vida Guerras Hidden Talent

110 months ago 1,730,847

Most people assume that they love the very sexy Vida Guerra for her legenda...


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