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Skater Crashes Over Stair Rail Play Video

Skater Crashes Over Stair Rail

121 months ago 417,817 375,766

Blader falls about 12 feet onto the concrete below. He hurt his elbow quite...

The Internet In 1993 Play Video

The Internet In 1993

121 months ago 1,026,679 70

Here is a classic news story from 1993 about the Internet. Pretty cool to s...

Dry Ice Bombs Play Video

Dry Ice Bombs

121 months ago 1,034,944 2

This is what happens when you pay attention for a change in science class. ...

Last Time He Dances Play Video

Last Time He Dances

121 months ago 759,316 3

So this guy had just gotten out of the shower and he started doing a stupid...

Bat Boy Takes Down Crazy Fan Play Video

Bat Boy Takes Down Crazy Fan

121 months ago 1,159,108 609,952

Some crazy fan runs on the field and after hitting home plate the bat boy n...

Days Go By Play Video

Days Go By

121 months ago 576,820 1

I made this while stationed in Kuwait for Operation Iraqi Freedom, just to ...

Joy Riding Kids Flip Truck Play Video

Joy Riding Kids Flip Truck

121 months ago 859,014 56

A couple kids flip a pickup truck while off roading. I love how they keep f...

Album Covers Play Video

Album Covers

121 months ago 386,787 2

This is pretty cool. Some dude took his collection of album covers from th...

Wrong Goal Play Video

Wrong Goal

121 months ago 1,048,441 4

At first you probably would think the goalie just sucks after watching this...

Ok Go Treadmill Spoof Play Video

Ok Go Treadmill Spoof

121 months ago 539,198 230,962

Remember that OK Go treadmill video from earlier this year. This is a fun...

Another Half Backflip Play Video

Another Half Backflip

121 months ago 493,241 118,420

This is me on my mates bike having a go on some local jumps. I'm not sure w...

Cop Pranked At Police Station Play Video

Cop Pranked At Police Station

121 months ago 1,388,619 6

Some dude hides in a tall cardboard box at a police station. As on of the ...

Break Gallery CIV Play Video

Break Gallery CIV

Break Picture Gallery 104!!! Dont forget Halloween is right around the corn...

Truck Rams Dude At Car Wash Play Video

Truck Rams Dude At Car Wash

121 months ago 1,165,532 2

Some dude is walking into a local car wash when out of nowhere a car rams h...

Mini Putt Putt Game Play Video

Mini Putt Putt Game

This is an addicting little Mini-putt game. I had a 7 under par going until...


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